Lil Perm’s hard-partying pimp persona goes a long way towards making his music more appealing, but I firmly believe that his talent stands for itself. His new project Top Celebrity is seeped in a glossy pop aesthetic, and all the tracks held within are sped and chopped up to reflect this zany atmosphere. Opener ‘95’ lays autotuned wails over melodic SpaceGhostPurrp production, making for a riveting opener that draws increased attention to the slickness of Perm’s voice. On ‘Flexed Up’, Perm teams up with the UK’s Flamingo Flex for a sugary plug classic. Both rappers implement R&B vocal styles to create an enthralling piece of pop rap.

The rest of the tape plays out similarly, the vocals are all saturated in effects and make for some amazing hooks (‘Top Celebrity’, ‘IShopOnline’). The latter really highlights the popstar life that Perm raps about living, though the track is short the way the song has been shined within an inch of its life makes it one of the best offerings on display here. These songs benefit from brevity a lot of the time, their hooks have enough to sink their hooks before making way for the next flawless slice of poppy songwriting. The main exception to this rule is closer ‘Youuu’, which taps into the styles of mid-2000’s for a beautiful ode to a lover. As this song fades out, it’s clear that in his lane of melodic, vocal-focused pop-plug, few people can match Perm’s boundless creativity.

Listen to the project in full here.

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