Canada’s Trrm is a master of building atmosphere. xisrupt’s beat at first sounds like gentle snowfall, but a heavier, bleaker blizzard soon careens into view, threatening to suffocate the helpless vocal cries buried in the mix. Trrm’s vocals however are anything but subtle, his bruising raps speaking chilling omens of death, pain and isolation. Lyrics like ‘Iceman thawed out, they gave him a parade. But I don’t wanna stay, take me back to my cave’ paint the haunting ‘Ghost Eagle Kamikaze’ as a chillingly dystopian tale of fear and confusion in a terrifying modern age. Everything about the track; from the focus on colossal-sounding vocal mixing to the frosty production, makes it an irresistible first single and an essential listen for lovers of atmosphere, intensity and general hip-hop excellence.

Listen to the single here.

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