Dark trap king Loko Los needs absolutely no introduction. His work has shaped and inspired entire swathes of the underground over the last 3-4 years, and I have no doubt that it will continue to do so for a long time to come.

1. When did you first start producing?

I started producing in middle school. Somewhere between 2004-2005

2. Was Purrp always a big inspiration to you, and what was it like working with him for the first time?

Me & Purrp bout the same age fr so at first nah he wasnt an influence just off the fact that we probably both didnt even have producer names at this time and the internet/music scene was completely different.
Workin wit him for the 1st time was crazy kuz i def wasnt expectin. I sent him a few beats and he posted a track the same day (SpaceGhostPurrp -10 Zips)
With like 3-5 more tracks a few days/weeks later

3. You entirely produced CHXPO’s LEBRON CHXPO JAMES project, which is definitely some of his best work. Was that tape a turning point in your career?

Workin wit Chxpo was def The turnin point in my career. I was never a social media type guy but i was in the right place at the right time apparently when i saw Chxpo just got out of jail and was lookin for beats, thnx to Doe Boy kuz i always fucked wit him which is how i heard of Chxpo back in like 2012-13. Up until workin wit Chxpo, i never even really put much effort into being a “producer” because i knew my style was wild. It was a hobby. But Chxpo killed like 4 tracks in a day our 1st time workin. and it really motivated me to try n get my shit heard more. I was sittin on hundreds of beats since i never really put much out between 2005-2015 , and i flooded the underground in 2016 with just a portion of my work.

4. Do you still work closely with other BMB rappers? I know in the past you’ve produced for Spookyli, LZA, Majin Blxxdy, Herme$, Baby Gucci and many more.

Ill always be close wit my BMB fam fr even if its from a distance lol. Ill always pop up on em outta no where and check on em. We havent all worked much recently but not for any bad reasons. Everybody just a lil more busy these days and be movin on different times but its no love lost we solid. We can still drop anything anytime type shit.

5. What other artists do you enjoy producing for, and who do you think raps the best on your beats overall?

Man its too many to name frfr lol im glad i get to name drop a few one time tho 😈 i fw Xay Scott, Fxxxxy, Yvncc, Tripp Jones, WifiGawd, The Khan, 5 Finger Posse, Icxxy, Marcy Mane, and i i know its way more im missin but these are artists i actually listen to and enjoy workin wit

6. You’ve done a few producer collabs including names such as Evil Haze, IAMPISSED & Pentagrvm, who complements your style the best in your opinion?

Its hard to really say who complements my style the most kuz i dnt even know what my fav style is lol. I just love throwin ghetto ass trippy ass drums over sounds i could listen to even without the drums. Mediation type shit.mBut i can say, i love workin wit Apoc Krysis, Pentagrvm, Calstumoran, Evil Haze, Xay Scott, Krxxk & Fxxxxy.Anytime we do anything its legendary.

7. Do you have any specific goals in the industry? I imagine you’ve worked with most people that you’ve aimed toward producing for, but is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’re looking toward?

I honestly dont have any industry goals except gettin that money. There’s artist id love to work with but im not too focused on anything mainstream. Im lookin towards movies & tv and video games n hookah bars n shit. I wanna spend time in the near future focusing on that.

8. How heavily involved have you been in the upcoming Robb Bank$ album? I know the BMB guys are producing a lot of it.

Me & Robb (s/o Cris Dinero & Nuri too) Got at least 3-4 tracks that ive seen idk how many others he might have done but he hasnt kept me updated wit any releases and i dont ask. I respect it tho.

9. You operate as DJ LORD CXLD and mix a lot of people’s music, when did you realise you had a talent for not only producing but the other aspects of engineering beats?

Tbh i feel like i can do anything bro lol. Like literally. Its kinda weird. I never thought about DJing until i started sampling music. I always disliked the thought of sampling but once i started it was like i already knew wat i was doing. The Killa Mixx was the 1st time i ever sampled or DJ’d anything. That was 2016.

10. Should we be looking out for anything specific from you? I’d definitely like to hear an EP of different artists on your beats, specifically those that have already done your shit real justice i.e Purrp, BMB, Five Finger Posse etc.

I def will be droppin more mixxes soon ! Dont have any dates or anything but im aimin for before end of summer.

11. Is there anything else you’d like to add, or anybody you’d like to shout out?

S/o to everybody who rock wit me fr kuz i still havent fully started goin hard yet. stay tuned fr !

Listen to Los on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Loko_Los.

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