Canada’s brightest production star, Chop has a selective but undeniably fantastic discography that includes the work of some of the underground’s greatest artists. Far from a legend in the making (he reached that point a long time ago), Chop’s beats well and truly speak for themselves.

1. How long precisely have you been producing for? What motivated you to do so?

I think I started some time in 2015 and the motive was clear for me – Shut Up And Listen by Xavier Wulf and Cheezus 3 blew me away and made me want to produce underground rap. Cheezus 3 had some crazy production on that tape, it was incredibly unique and new to me, I wanted to have my own sound the same way. I’m glad I did or else I would’ve just been on video games all day for another 3 years, I really needed a productive hobby, LOL

2. Do you have any favourite songs that you’ve produced? You’ve worked with some of the underground’s greats, such as Herme$, $uavi Gualla, Cowboykillerr and Dari Loso.

Since I’ve been so selective with who I send beats to, I really love most of what I produce – my absolute favorite is probably between “I Can’t Go Outside” by Hermes and Cowboykillerr and Tunnellovevision by Dari!

3. What about other producers, do you have a favourite beat collab that you’ve done so far?

I think that would have be the beat Demonz I made with Lil Trvsh. The mood that came out on that track is something I wish I could make regularly. On Cyberwarfare, me and Meline have a crazy tread beat that’s probably tied. 

4. I recently hosted the ‘Live Thru Ur Envy’ project on my Soundcloud, the beat selection there was amazing. I’m also in the process of hosting your double-sided beat tape Vol. 9, do you think that these are a good way to display an artist’s production?

Yes, I love beat tapes and I wish more producers in our niche of internet rap would put out instrumental tapes, as our beats are works of art on their own and placing them with the right artist is just a bonus. 

5. Do you have anything in the works that people should be watching for?

I’m gonna ramp up the work ethic and make sure I have a beat tape at least every other month! I’ll likely drop a lot through 108mics so I appreciate your hosting and all my friends and supporters staying tuned!.

6. If you could make a beat for any rapper, who would it be?

Chief Keef. Maybe it’s a reach, but making my War remix had me feeling we would have a genuine chemistry. I think that the combination of dark trap drums, ambient or emotional samples, and hard drill rap is a really powerfulone. In that regard I take inspiration from producer/artist combos like Cheezus 3 and Ethelwulf, as well asCharlesglobe and his work with artists such as Luvelovesyou, Alvin Abyss, Morgue and RCB. 

7. How often do you make beats, and what software do you use? I haven’t asked this question before so I figured the answer might be interesting.

I’ve been making less music these days as I explore other artforms 😀 I make anywhere from one to five beats a week, and usually make at least one or two I really like. I use FL Studio and have pretty much stuck to it since I began producing. I’ve experimented with all different types of equipment, got the mini MPK everyone has, even had a SP404 at one point but it never clicked for me personally.

8. Why the name change from Chopstar to your current moniker? It’s a small change but I’m also wondering why you chose the ‘Chop’ name in the first place?

I’m not really sure why I chose it but I think I chose Chopstar because I made my best work with samples, both chopped loops and individual chords pitched as an instrument. I dropped the “star” because I felt that misrepresents what I want out of music – I never made art for recognition or approval but instead to feed a desire to make what I want to hear, I know a lot of my artist friends can relate

9. You seem to be quite reclusive online, do you ever get the opportunity to make music with rappers/other producers in person?

No, I don’t make music in person as often as maybe I should – I’ve always been pretty introverted with my music because I felt I could make something I love and others might not “get” at all. I just got in touch with Dawsru who produces plugg n b right across town from me

10. How is life in Canada? I can’t think of many other producers from that part of the world, bar DJ Smokey of course.

Great, It’s a high quality of life here. I’m very grateful that I was born in a first world country, and so close to the West Coast and the bazillion artists of all kinds that live on it! I think I like it better than if I lived in the United States for the sheer amount of untouched wilderness. 

Listen to Chop on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @prodchop000.

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