London’s Flexo Kobain releases music at a very consistent rate, and one of his best drops as of late has been The Shapes Of Midnight, a three track EP that fuses lightweight plug beats with smooth, R&B-inflected singing. On ‘Just The Other Day Freestyle’, Flex floats over HennyHayz’ dreamy production with incredible finesse, dropping a short rap contribution to remind listeners of the power behind his natural voice.

Digital Demon’ sees Flex fall into a video game vortex, bringing rawer vocals occasionally layered with the autotune that he’s used to effectively throughout his career. ‘Can’t Trust A Soul’ hones in on both the auto-crooned aspects of the first track and the slick flow switch ups of the second, resulting in the perfect Flex anthem: on that rejects stuffy song structure convention and embraces the freedoms of rap’s vast musical landscape. If you like your hip-hop to be equipped with sharp verses, slithering hooks and bouyant productions, then the ever-restless Flex is the rapper for you.

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