A recent discovery for the blog, Sxberblu has been a steadfast supporter of my work over the last couple of months. With deeply personal music making up the bulk of his output, the rapper is bettering himself with every drop.

1. You’ve dropped quite a few projects at this point, the latest being SKiZa. Which would you say you’re most proud of?

Each project is a passion project, I like them for different reasons but the overall favorite for me tends to be the latest project release Haha, it just feels like it’s my best work at that moment so I love it.

2. Your delivery is really interesting, nasally sometimes and smooth others. Do you have any major inspirations?

I pull inspiration from anything, Mongolian throat singing, 80s bands like rush and yes, stevie Nick’s and Tom petty, I could go for days about all the music I listen to

3. ‘Head So Low’ is one of my recent favourites from you, the way you put that song together is really something. Do you have a specific songwriting proccess?

my writing process will always start as a free style or one off line I wrote days prior that I want to fit specific vibes, from there I just kind of shut off and let my mind kind of just work? I’m never sure how to explain it but it’s not very hard for me to write haha

4. Some of your stuff almost veers into bedroom pop and other genres, I’m guessing you have an interest in a vast variety of music?

Yeah I have listened to pretty much everything, I have playlists for pirate shanties, vaporwave, rock, metal, rap everything you can think of really, music is an art and I appreciate most of it

5. Who are your favourites artists/producers to work with? You’re mostly a solo type of dude I’m aware but who do you enjoy collaborating with?

When it comes to collaborations theres people I WANT to work with once I’m bigger and thatll happen when it happens but for now I tend to keep who I work with pretty close, I have a lot of love for @XXIXCLUB and the circle of artists who support us outside that like Silflay who was the only artist I put on SKiZa, not to say I dont vibe with more artists it was just silf was something special the album could vibe with but if I had too many collabs it wouldnt be a sxberblu album you know haha

6. Where does your artist name come from, and is it sober or saber, officially that is?

The name comes from “always blue, never sxber” so sober is the initial idea of it but when my European friends say SaberBlu that obviously gives it a whole new edge and the x then becomes a variable, you choose what you wanna call me.

7. What’s your next move musically? Any songs or projects we should be looking out for?

I have another project coming around, no name, no genre hints yet, but itll be more of a move toward rap and maybe more uplifting ideals, I might not use many effects and go for a more raw vocal sound which is very rare for me

8. What’s your number one goal as a musician?

Number one goal as a musician is control of my life, I’ve always felt I’ve never had a distinct control on where my life is going, always doing work for someone else, it’s not where I want to be, not going to be the guy who dies working a 9-5.

Listen to Sxber on Soundcloud. Follow them on Twitter at @Sxberblu.

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