Abnormal Area and Raid have made music before, and Abnormal is a well established user of tread beats in all forms, but this new EP (on which the latter crafts his dark, muscular production with the assistance of 4AMDorian) is still a shock to the system. Rarely is tread music this vicious and amelodic, each track looking menacingly behind Abnormal (and in one case guest Lil Yawh)’s raspy flows.

The rapper’s tendency to erupt into screamed tirades works wonderfully with the trundling rhythms and web of hizzing synth work. Raid and Dorian’s insectoid creations are as far flung as the genre gets, each creation is an exercise in paranoia. With such ominous vocals layered on top, tracks like ‘Virus’ become immediate hits. Clocking in at a mere twelve minutes, this is one of Abnormal’s shortest offerings to date, but as it also contains his most bludgeoning vocals and cavernous songwriting, it might rank among his best.

Listen to the EP in full here.

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