Another recent 108Mics discovery, Dominus Excalibur blends high-octane songwriting with thoughtful, moody lyricism.

1. Where are you from? Does your city have a major hip-hop scene?

Originally I was born in Kalispel, Montana but I’ve lived in Tucson, Arizona since I was 5 years old. I wouldn’t say that my city has a major hip hop scene, there’s plenty of rappers but only a few stand out to me. The scene of Tucson is more of an artistic movement on all fronts and platforms.

2. Who or what inspires you when writing/making music?

Honestly a lot of what inspires me is what people take for granted everyday. People might see a tree, but I see more than that. I see the most humble and genuine being there ever was, one who reaches out to embrace its only source of energy, the sun. This act of gratitude and appreciation (something that a lot of people lack) moves me. The way they stand 24/7 with open arms, never crossing them or denying anyone of their presence. This is what I want to do with all of what I make whether it’s my artwork, my clothes, or my music. I want to create a sense of bliss for anyone who comes across my work. So in short, acts of selflessness and feats of genuine people are what inspire me to do what I do.

3. Your song ‘Bergeron’ is based on the short story Harrison Bergeron. Are you a big fan of literature?

I’ve always loved literature and story telling in all its forms. Almost every one of my songs is a reference from either a book, movie, or even a certain character I can relate to, then I place it into my own perspective. People make songs just to pump them out and to get plays but I feel that theres a shortage of true artists and storytellers not only in my city, but everywhere.

4. Of the songs you’ve released, which are you most proud of? I’d say ‘No More Heroes’ is a major highlight.

I’d say that No More Heroes is the song I’m most proud of. No More Heroes has sort of become my staple and even a movement in its own right. The symbolism of my own doubt in our system and the opposition of doing heroic acts just to look good in the limelight. I plan on making a part 2 more music oriented instead of speaking everything on my mind at that moment. Also Nightcrawler is a song I’m very proud of, it’s my most recent and I feel like I’ve shown a lot of improvement in my flow and overall presentation.

5. Who are your favourite producers to work with?

My favorite producers to work with so far are Kaizer, MothyDula, and Caligula.

6. You have a beat that you made yourself on your Soundcloud, ‘The NeverEnding Story’. Will we see more of that in the future?

I plan on making multitudes of beats and instrumental music. I’m fluent in a few instruments and I regularly collaborate with local producers by giving them samples to make beats out of. My real passion is to make music that people can interpret for themselves, sounds they can resonate with instead of braindead bars that few can relate to because no one actually does any of what they portray in their music.

7. What will your next release be? Any singles/projects on the way?

I plan on releasing an instrumental that I’ve been sitting on for some time on all streaming platforms. But rap music wise I’m working on my debut tape that’s coming together pretty nicely so far.

8. What is your long term goal when making music? Is there anything you’re striving towards?

A long term goal of mine is to use my music and influence to nurture and cater to those who hurt every second of the day. I want to create a sound mind for everyone who even takes a peek at what I have to offer. A lot of artists express how utterly sad they are which isn’t bad but in the long run all that does is bring out people’s sadness and hurt even more when we should be the ones to help them rise up. People see artists as irregular people so why not stand out in the best way I possibly could. I want to promote growth and the acceptance of pain and suffering. I am all for expressing yourself and the way you actually feel but if you don’t show those around you that you can live on and move on from it you’re making it okay to sit and fester when you should be the one giving them a helping hand. Music is a tool believe it or not

Listen to Dom on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @domExcalibur.

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