NJ’s ayashi! has been making sprightly, dense productions for years now, and his ambition to release projects has only grown in this time. Very much deserving of bigger placements, he is an established producer with a recognisably unique sound.

1. Your production is extremely diverse, do you have any major influences or inspiration?

My major influences are kind of whatever I’m really listening to at the time. My sounds are shaped on what I hear or feeling, thats why none of my stuff really never sounds totally sounds the same, but currently my influences are most of the Anti-World camp, R1Boyz, and Souless.

2. You’ve dropped quite a few beat tapes in the past, will we see another one soon?

Perhaps. I’ve been trying to push out more vocal released, and send out beats to others so I don’t really have a lot of beats available.

3. It says on your Soundcloud that all your beats are free but people should definitely be paying for them. At what point would you consider selling your material?

I do! lmao, just not a lot of people buy stuff off my traktrain, but that could be my fault. I don’t think a lot of people know I do more sounds beyond lofi.

4. What’s your favourite song that you’ve worked on to date?

Vocally, it’s probably an unreleased song I have called Hotter, it’s dropping soon, I posted snippets. But beat wise, probably something I’ve done with Killer Kane, we make fire beats together.

5. You’re from New Jersey, it seems like there’s a lot of talent there. What local artists have you worked with?

Not a lot to be honest, I’m trying to branch out more, but I’ve worked with Frank Sriracha, Vik@Nite, Barry Marrow, A.K.A, Young Pocket Change, and Bob Botanist. Those are just some people I can name off the top of my head.

6. Where does ‘ayashi!’ come from?
Some weird Google Translate business from back in my Future Funk days.

7. Anything else people should be looking out for from you?

Hotter with Merci coming soon. Don’t Grow In The Grave with Bob Botanist coming soon. Beyond that, nothing too major besides singles.

8. Any other notes you’d like to add?

Shoutout AKA, YPC, Bambi, Bob Botanist, GoopChat, Merci, Killer Kane and the rest of the Souless boys, CXRPSE, Kyle, BMG, Gnarly Nick, Nayib, Anti-World and R1Boyz for being such big inspirations for me, my mom for birthing me and my boys for supporting me. hella shoutouts but a lot of people support me lmao.

Listen to ayashi! on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @wherethembeats.

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