A highly eccentric rapper using colourful production to enhance the quality of his earnest, quotable raps, OGT The Bishop is a necessary artist for anyone seeking weirdo, off-kilter deliveries and aggressively creative songwriting in their hip-hop. ‘Pink Vibes’ is both bouncy and a hefty banger, the OJ Da Juiceman influence extreme as the rapper’s adlibs build up until a chaotic release. This song is fairly exemplary of the rapper’s general sound, but a quick dive into his previous releases reveals sharper, angrier music (‘Long Computer’), and more distorted, experimental tracks (‘Riley Reid’).

His projects are even more wild and unpredictable, the Kales Called For OGT EP begins with a field recording before launching into savage, bludgeoning trap featuring some of the better scream-rap I’ve heard recently. The recent Lizuurd Maan’s Fairy Scales is even more depraved and insane-sounding, the lyrics seemingly random and yet creating such a vivid image of the rapper’s intense persona. Producer AALLGODDD handles the vast majority of these releases, his diversity ensuring that each song is completely sonically different to the last.

In short, OGT’s discography is well worth the plunge for any lover of bizarre, wacky internet rap. Before long, his music will reach the kind of apex that so many rap artists have climbed to, and I predict that his cult following will soon become a major fanbase.

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