As a follower of Gorgeonstars’ lush, meticulously detailed production, I can safely say that Leaves; which lives up to the aforementioned description with its throbbing, radiant title track; is his best collection of music to date. Every track presents a unique sonic palette: the opener a tidal wave of beauteous synth work, ‘Shine’ a sprawling piano piece with a frantic, barely suppressed drumline buried deep within.

Summer // Summer Rain’ is the megalithic centrepiece, a twisted jazz piece that carries a huge live band feel. Gorge’s interests in music converge here, the genre collisions that occur are slicker than anywhere in his discography to date. Although this project is undeniably hip-hop (the dancing hi-hats and thunderous kicks of ‘Denya’ ensure this isn’t forgotten), it explores far outside its traditions. Truly, this four track EP is an essential listen for anyone seeking massive, organic soundscapes that,upon closer inspection, reveal an enormous dedication to even the smallest melodic details. Honestly, this release is deserving of the same praise given to the landmark releases of some of the most influential sub-genres in the underground.

Listen to the project in full here.

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