We may be approaching the Autumn months, but Cam Kron’s new tape Feels Like June seeks to convey a completely different atmosphere. As the title suggests, Cam is rapping over blissful, breezy beats, employing plenty of his trademark hook work for a dazzling six track EP. ‘Bandz On Tha Run’ features one of IAmPissed’s most sprightly productions, Cam’s voice sharpening the soft piano clinks and his vocal build ups resulting in a huge-sounding crescendo. G. Sol’s work on ‘New Money’ is more NY boom-bap in tone, the gritty chamber beat inspiring a more focused rap performance with bite than I’ve ever heard the CA rapper deliver before.

From here, Feels Like June focuses more specifically on the titular theme. RuiijKun is the ideal collaborator to provide airier, more romantic instrumentals, his live band creations making ‘SlowDance’ a perfect slice of gushy pop rap, and ‘HIWSST’ a spaced-out, ceiling-gazing loverboy anthem. Cam’s voice is as suited for edgy trap bangers as much as it perfectly accompanies the beautiful beats found here. Ruiij brings his all to the table here, crafting three dazzling songs (including a brief, entirely instrumental respite) that make up the bulk of this project and allow Cam to refocus his songwriting towards dreamier, more ambitious territory.

But of course, the real cherry on top for Feels Like June is the hulking VCiDHiGH/Chew collaboration ‘Loose Screws‘. Reunited following the success of their Corrupted EP, Cam and VCiD move on to Big Los’ space odyssey explorations for the EP’s conclusion. It may deviate slightly from the project’s sonic tightness, but it’s a necessary conclusion that brings us back to Cam’s recent experiments with darker, snappier territory.

Listen to the EP in full here.

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