MGR affiliate Lyrico presents another of the most creative sounds of the underground a dazzlingly talented rapper/producer with the ability to craft almost any style of hip-hop.

1. Which did you start doing first, rapping or producing?

I dexided to just try out rapping when I was like 9ish just as a lil hobby I guess until I started taking it seriously when I was 12 up in middle skhool and shit haha

2. Your vocals on the Pharaoh Flow project are really unique, what are your main influences as an artist?

First of all thank you, that tape will forever b a klassik for me , it’s my first self-produxed project out. My main influenxes I’d say for one, Myself, lil Wayne , UGK, Future, Rick Ross, OutKast, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, John Cameron, Sade.. shit bro the list go on

3. You work with MGR more than anyone else, who would you say you have the most chemistry with out of the group?

Oh of kourse, fukken Islurwhenitalk, 2shanez, 4jay, & Bassius all the brothers for sure, but who do I have the most chemistry with?.. I’d say probably me and 2Shanez sinxe we’ve made the most musik together so far but everything else I make with everyone else always goes krazy of kourse

4. Your latest drop ‘Molotov’ is a more melodic offering with production from yourself and SteveJobs 2. Will you be pursuing this style more in the future?

Yea I plan on doing some more stuff with this style but also doing more stuff in my other styles too , bexause I know every one of my songs sounds very different from each other , so yea I just plan on making brazy different musik still

5. Do you have a favourite track that you’ve made to date?

ONLY1 is one of my favorites along with RALPHLAUREN (PROD.STOOPIDXOOL) both songs are on the Pharaoh Flow tape

6. Will we see another project from you this year?

Yes I actually plan on dropping another tape before this year ends so everyone will be hearing about that very soon , tryna get videos goin and all dat . And to everyone out there LETS WORK HMU

7. Where can people purchase your beats, and what sort of stuff have you been cooking up lately?

People can buy my beats at (THEY GO $10 A LEASE) & I just been kooking slowly waiting for my time to put my stuff out , musik gone stay konsistent tho at least one song a week like always but yea I’m tryna work with as much people make as much music as I kan

8. Where does your artist name come from?

My artist name komes from when I started rapping I was into all that hip hoppy boom bap shit and I wanted a name like “Lyrical” and I just sauxed it up and put tha O instead of AL & I added the Lord from me seeing myself as a Lord, like a master pretty much so yea

Well Thanks for your time bro , for anyone to reaxh me or follow me (IG:@LYRICO3500) & SHOUT OUT @108mics!! SHOUT OUT THA GANG LGI3500/300CK SHOUT OUT MGR , SHOUT OUT BAKARDIVAMPBOYZ

Listen to Lyrico on Soundcloud. Follow him on Instagram at @lyrico3500.

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