Dreamside producer Nurture makes dense, melodic music that pursues some of the most atmospheric sounds that the underground has to offer.

1. You frequently post beats both mixed and unmixed on Soundcloud. How often do you cook up and how much music do you have in the stash?

I don’t make beats as much as I’d like to as of recent because of work. I make anywhere between 1-5 beats a week. I have a lot of beats in the stash that I just don’t see being good enough to do anything with really… definitely more than 200 probably way more

2. One of your most frequent collaborators is shop7ift, do you guys have any more work on the way?

Oh most definitely. I plan on working with him indefinitely. Jus gotta send him more beats, and that’ll be soon

3. Of the songs that you’ve produced/worked on, do you have a definitive favourite?

Being honest no I don’t have a favorite. I like almost all the songs made on my beats. I jus really like hearing what people say and how they make it work on my beats… I love that part almost just as much if not more than making the beats themself.

4. Tell me about your place in Dreamside and how your first musical affiliations came about?

Dreamsideeeeeeee! Ego Mackey, is who got me into Dreamside. I’ve known bro for 5-6 years now. I made songs with him under my very first producer name in 2014, maybe even 2013. And we’ve been cool ever since. I love Dreamside/2099 very very much and everyone in it. The most sincere music group i’ve been in… It’s like a family more than anything.

5. Where are you from, and do you ever connect with your local scene?

I’m from Bristol, Virginia. My town has a side in Virginia and in Tennessee. I guess you can say it’s most known for it’s Nascar track on the Tennessee side even though Nascar has fallen off as of late. As for the music scene, I don’t really connect with it as much as I would like. It’s definitely one of my goals though is to get incorporated into my local scene and just work with everybody round here.

6. How long have you been making beats for, and who were your primary inspirations when you first started out?

I’ve been making beats since early 2013. I was 13 at the time. Honestly my inspirations back then were pretty much everybody in the “Soundcloud scene” if you will… cight was a big one. Just really everybody from that time period. I can’t just act like Clams Casino, P. Morri$, Rustie, TNGHT people like them weren’t a big part too… Too many artists to name really… Anything that I enjoy inspires me to get better.

7. Why ‘nurture’, where did that come from?

I felt my old name “urban camo” wasn’t suiting anymore… and at that time (2014-2015) I was really in the mindframe and still am to an extent that everyone should nurture each other and everything… Just be more bout love and light. I still believe in that I’m jus not as die hard about it because this world is pretty tiring when you are trying to do that. It’s really not realistic to nurture everyone and everything and not possible… still though, nurture.

8. Are there any releases we should be looking out for from you in the future?

Currently I have some things in the works with James Gorczyca and Saturn. Dreamside/2099 and chaingang… there will be more of course. Always.

Thank you very much for my first interview hope I did ight

Listen to nurture on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @erutrun.

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