By far one of the most exciting underground producers at the moment, Zerosuit’s longevity is also assured. His prehensile, raucous productions are incredibly vivid and go a long way towards his collaborators sounding their strongest whenever he unites with them.

1. How long have you been doing music for? Your Soundcloud only goes back eight months but I would assume that it was longer than that.

my dad put me onto music when i was like 5, i started playin drums when i was 6 teachin myself songs that i found. gettin older i listened to more punk metal and noise shit, my drummin got more brutal but eventually i started makin electronic music after watchin Inside Job use ableton. we musta been 13-14 and i was listenin to more hip hop and electronic shit at that time so i started makin beats.

2. $uavi Gualla, KirbLaGoop, TrippJones, LZA and the MGR guys have all hopped on your beats in a very short space of time. You seem to have made it happen, but how difficult is getting your name out there into the underground?

i didnt really fw my own beats or the local scene outside of my friends til i met producer/engineer VISES he told me my beats were unique and try workin wid artists over the internet, that was like 2 years ago. i been makin beats since 2012-2013 with a lota monikers but since then my styles gotten more distinct and less goofy soundin. i started dm’ing artists i fw bout a year ago and i was persistent aka annoying but i was patient, kos yea someone like $uavi or 5G fw my music could get me workin with people more consistently than i was with Kirb, for example. Milso was the first to wanna make a full tape. 5G got some producers i dug hip to me with “LIFELESS” and gave my sound to his audience, s/o Circle 5. of course Herme$ linkin me wid 4jay for “U WANT ME…” got a lota heads fw me that i was tryna work wid, and now im part of Jewelxxet which is the best fit for me i think. makin way more shit now. so i guess not really “difficult” sure the trajectory has been unpredictable and i thought i woulda done more by myself by now but hopefully ill be able to drop tapes soon that i been planning for a while. s/o Jewelxxet and the others who support me

3. Just today, you dropped the Lih Bruja aka Sanguine Vvitch track ‘I Think Therefore I Am’. Finding a style that suits his style is challenging as he’s such an unpredictable artist, so all credit to you for matching the energy. Will we hear an entire tape from you guys?

he and i have a lota mutual tastes when it comes to music and he is one of the best extreme metal vocalists i ever heard. he is really versatile, and done somethin different on all my beats, some i did with Trvsh too and we have connected on some ideas that will take time but will become a tape very soon. he and i like a lota metal music and the feeling we got goin with our shit is closer to that then just a rap tape. so im glad to make somethin heavy with him thats the shit i came up on.

4. Will we hear more collaborative efforts like your Fuck The Jakes EP with Milso?

yea, i like doin tapes kos theyre memorable and rewarding and i like extendin ideas across more then just one song. hosting tapes is too fun lmao that was my favorite part of Fuck The Jakes. i always been more interested in tapes then singles, so besides the tape wid Sanguine Vvitch im doin some with Jewelxxet now that im a member – Slur, 2shanez, Sella – and i kno Roach and Disceased have been connecting on my beats lately, that shits soundin hard. Brxly too i think. i want em all sounding different im not tryna get caught up in any sound i already worked with. and yea talking Milso specifically he and i have round 20 unreleased songs.

5. Who would you like to hop on your production that hasn’t done so yet?

tryna do shit wid Brxly like i said and i gota send Laire shit asap. i wanna hear Krone and Joni do sum ork shit fr. Bloodybay, Kanis, Cowboy too. some of these coming soon.. me and Mook gotta happen. i wanna work with Baby Guxxi and Amber London kos alot ov my shits been inspired by Screwston. TX 2 CT

6. You produced a track that’s going to appear on my next tape that is absolutely insane, people are going to love that one. What music do you listen to to be inspired in such a diverse way?

i never stuck to making one type of music but now that im makin beats almost exclusively i still try to put all different parts of my taste into each beat. never usin up all my ideas in one beat kos then theres less to do on the next one if that makes sense. listenin to noise music when i was 17-18 got me thinkin bout songs as a whole instead of something to follow second-by-second, thats helped with how i hear and make loops.

7. Do you have a favourite beat that you’ve ever made?

yea but shits cursed now prolly not gona release dat shit. my favorites that people heard are Slur “PARASITE” and LZA “KILL MY HOE” they both blessed em too

8. Your name is a Metroid reference, I assume?

Milso “SCORIN” + $uavi “POP OUT” both released under the name Lord aether. that names korny as fuck lmao and didnt stick, i was mostly workin thru IG and my name was @zerosuitsensei which yea thats a reference. i saw in messages and files my name as Zero or Zerosuit which reminds me of a human in some cyber reality shit so its worked.

9. You are going to be a massive name before long, I have no doubt about that. Is there any last things that you’d like to add?

s/o Jewelxxet, Lil Trvsh, Sayda + Circle 5, Kxxxy P + BDO, 2deepndagyme, 108mics & anyone else rokkin wid me.

Listen to Zerosuit on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Zerosuit7.

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