UK producer LXRD UNKNXWN is making eerie, dystopian music for an audience raised on a torrent of dark trap and tread, and on his new drop Unascertained he’s bringing these influences to the forefront. ‘Terra’s quiet, bassy undercurrent is shadowed by lurking synths, the melodic elements of UNKNWXN’S sound springing to the forefront. ‘Aer’ is more intense, drawing from more diverse percussive influences to hammer the cascading IDM torrent into the listener’s brain.

Ignis’ is a savage, warped offering that sounds like it’s been sucked into and then repelled from an all encompassing space void. The sprightly keys that dance around the centre of the song’s spiralling mass add a whole other dimension to the beat that only a producer of UNKNXWN’s caliber could have crafted. Meanwhile, ‘Aqua’ is a glorious, cybernetic epic that brings out the majesty of the producer’s craft. As each track is an essential part of his discography, this EP can be considered his defining work to date.

Listen to the EP in full here.

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