MGR’s secret weapon, YVNG $TEVE makes vicious, contorted and hallucinogenic rap music.

1. How long have you been rapping and when was it that you connected with the other members of MGR?

I’ve been rapping for about 4, 5 years or so idk lmao. I recently connected with MGR about a month ago. I have been fuckin with MGR for about a year tho.

2. Although you largely work over your own beats, recently you’ve been doing a lot of tracks with Zerosuit. Will we see a full project form you two, or an MGR project of any variety any time soon?

Yea zero sent me a gang of beats that im gonna use. I will b dropping a ep soon prod him. s/o Zerosuit

3. What inspires you to make music? Are you ever able to collaborate with other rappers or producers in person?

Idk i juss always had a passion for it as a youngin lol. I have collabed in person with several of my homies that rap, but not producers though, I mainly produce all of my shit but I don’t mind rappN on other beats especially if they fye.

4. In your opinion, what are some of your best tracks?

probably kill shit, mainly bcuz of the beat. that shit hard af s/o 4jay n zerosuit.

5. What’s next from you project-wise? Do you have anything ready to drop?

I’ve been thinking about droppin a project soon probably n a month or so.

6. Who have you been listening to a lot lately, from the underground?

ive been fuckin wit alot of mgr/hexx/bvk lately s/o evillaire, slur, sellasouls n da whole gang

7. How would you describe what MGR represent, and what can we expect from you in the coming months?

MEN GETTN RIXH/MARKZ GET REKT n ill b collabn more wit errbody soon

Listen to $TEVE on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @hxmixidxmgr.

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