Underground mogul Ace McCain is a real pioneer of self-made business, assisting with management, promotion and career-building.

1. For those who don’t know who you are, how would you best describe your presence in the underground community?

I’m Cain the networking god the Moses of the underground I lead the way and show the way from the underdogs to Indy’s to mainstreams …to throwing shows A&R for the future of creatives to label reps too getting you spotlight and exposures as you deserve radio show with dash radio but I’m artist and businessman before all that’s what got me here I worked hard he’ll im still working and putting others on just thankful I can be the key to the door the voice of life the reason for reason

2. Tell me a little about how you grew up. Did it have a major impact it has had on the way you live your life and run your business?

I’m from Houston Texas as native and as a whole and consumer of the culture chopped and screwed music Dj screw pimp c changed all over lives I’m nothing without screw and the legends that payed the way I’m from “ 7 “ 1700 it’s a blessings to make to talk about the 7 I’m nothing without home but also earned my strips in Georgia as well the nawf was wild as well been back and fourth most my life I know my supporters can relate

3. Can you describe how CAINSEASON started and how it operates?

Actually a non profit / my own based agency around my achievements and goals from everything Cain ever touched and breathe on from businesses to music to acting and media to A&R why not sign myself to my self everything is always under CwCmf agency that’s the umbrella for the a lot creatives as well me and my roster start of something new

4. You partially participate in presenting the Underground Freshman List, do you think this is a strong model for artist exposure?

Definitely came up with idea and came to a lot upcoming brands that’s you see involved and we brought it to the light all the brands dope and putting in work in the underground none of it is rigged or picked favorites we all take polls and votes from all brands and creatives to narrow down a top 25 to final 15 rolled out in 4 part visuals and interviews for every artist and creatives so you get more for just being apart but it’s other moves in order


5. Musically, how long have you been creating and what can we expect from you in the future?

All my life I’ve been around music and the essence and art of the lifestyle of vibes learned recording training labels distribution deals and more so I had my ins and outs and honestly the future bright myself CwCmf agency and the rest of the roster finna drop singles eps exclusives left and right like we did 17-18 we getting back to it again we putting in they face got no choice but to see us from killing TL to pulling up where ever you wanna see our face we move like mob

6. As well as artist promotion, you specialise in fashion, radio and vlogging. Do you think having multiple profitable incomes is the key to success?

definitely social media marketing helping creatives as whole from connecting dots to plugging people it’s goes a long way like word of mouth it’s travels at the speed of light I’m nothing without my following and supporters but actually getting out here going to events besides social media and putting in the footwork and steps to go with that word of mouth equals up and more it’s blessing …more than one stream of revenues is the key to the foundation to keep it a float I always are more than rapping and being artist always knew it took more than that

7. Who are some of your favourite artists and producers making waves on the scene right now?

Me and my team honestly nothing against everybody else I love the new waves and old especially the legends but it’s our time now move out the way me and mines turn my team work to hard for this and you don’t agree I’ll like to make you a believer like I do everybody else I’ll turn water to lean to wine the creative god Cain

8. Is there anything/anybody that you’d like to promote/shout out?

S/0 the 7 I’m nothing without greenspoint s/0 Wolf clvb never bite the hand that feeds you also go subscribe on YouTube at CwCmf and WOLFCLVBTV the channels and numbers going up weekly as well as content also Cain season HUE and red scale mag we taking over as a whole also the dope Sunday brunch in Maine also are other supporters all across the map and all my sponsors that keep me laced up I’n gear from night mares in Paris to DxxdRich clothing tnt vintage and more vintage brands y’all too dope

Follow Cain on Twitter at @ItsAceMccain.

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