Released Halloween last year, Money First is one of Flexo’s hardest and most underrated projects. Bristling with a kinetic energy, the EP is a rollicking ride through the strongest aspects of the rapper’s sound. ‘Money First, Man Down’ sees Flexo employ a buzzing, robotic delivery, while ‘Friday 13th’ takes the plug sound in a tougher direction. Rapping in the distinctive accent of his home city London, the crooner adopts a grittier style and turns in tape’s most savage performance. The Voidd/Outstock production quickly becomes a crucial tool for the success of his cyber-r&b creations, ‘Loot’ quickly marks itself as the best of the five tracks thanks to the duo’s glimmering beat.

020DEMON’ and ‘Inside Out’ employ solo beats from each of the two, and these more minimal works give the mid-section of the EP breathing space after a thundering opening salvo. The latter of these songs features an excellent guest appearance from Lebxanon, whose harmonious delivery is one of the strongest moments here overall. Meanwhile. Kaonashi makes the aforementioned ‘Loot’ another superb duet thanks to a chilling, androdyngous vocal turn. Each of the tracks mentioned in this review feature top-notch plug songwriting that frequently takes a darker, edgier stance to the generally melodic, accessible genre.

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