When it comes to representing the underground, few have the vision that FH possesses. Their latest playlist series FRESH OUT DA WEEK updates frequently, incorporating only the latest and best in the scene right now. There’s plenty of names recognisable to anyone truly keeping in tune with the sounds of contemporary hip-hop (Lil Xelly, Thaiboy Digital, Zae FDN), as well as an abundance of music from artists bubbling under the radar. FH’s ear for sound is unmatched, they collate and seamlessly blends these songs into an extremely consistent fifty minute compilation.

Hosted on their platform Fresh Ones Park, FH’s playlist begins with thumping trap tracks (Gizmo’s ‘Vacant’, Xelly’s ‘Pints Pt.2’, Josen’s ‘FuckAbnormal’) before progressing toward more mellow cuts (Zae’s ‘Coupe’, 30 Rock’s ‘Good In Your City’, Lil Shies’ ‘What It Is’). FH’s sequencing capabilities allow the playlist to progress naturally without any ill-fitting sonic choices, and things eventually wind down with more spacey, lyrically-focused tracks. In this instalment, the French playlist master has taken us on an impressive journey that has not only brought attention to hugely under-appreciated members of the rap community but shown us what true dedication to the craft and enormous attention to detail can achieve. And at the end of the day, this is all the work of someone who more than anything does what he does for the sake of the artist. Undoubtedly, this platform will evolve into the greatest underground playlisting account on the internet.

Listen to the playlist in full here.

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