A master of brutalising flows and saturated melodies, Cyrus Krow is a very recent discovery for 108MICS whose music I’m enjoying the hell out of right about now. Enjoy the interview and tune in to his stuff!

1. Where does the name Cyrus Krow come from?

Before I was louie cynical. Cyrus Crow was my darkest side I created to give my anger a voice. Cyrus from Trailer Park Boys (must watch) is my favorite character. Crows are misunderstood, I’m a quiet weirdo, I relate to them heavy, I grew up always hearing them early in the morning cawing in the trees, or being around when people died. Don’t judge a crow by its color.

2. You rap over your own beats a fair bit, is this something that you prefer to do?

HELL YEAHHH!!! I fuck with a select few producers, shout out Yuniverse2k15, 4oreignDro, & SLOWEDCHROMECHAIN!!! We really be making some cold waves together!!!

3. Did you start off as a producer or did this aspect evolve over time?

Originally I was a graphic designer. When I got serious about making music I started as a producer first, but even in the beginning I would still try record/rap to myself before I actually bought equipment. Both rapping and producing evolved together over time too. I knew if I used them both together it would help me articulate differently.

4. What is your favourite song someone has made on one of your beats?

Honestly I don’t have one because I love them all especially cause there all different in a way, but if I had to I would say Rigasha – GIRL 2. That song gives me chills every time cause the beat and flows are so grimy together.

5. As a rapper, are there any artists that you really enjoy working with?

Yessir. 3 letters “BLN” Black Lotus Nation, my clan! Rigasha, CloeVixen, RAMSZ, T.A.E, D-Boss D.M.H, K-DOG, & Knotty Kash. I definitely gotta shoutout Jon Fvríxs, Blood Money, Golden Child, Mawssy APE, & Lil Putrid as well. I love working with them even if we aren’t working on music. It’s always genuine with all of them, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

6. Your verse on Blood Money’s ‘Buku 2’ is hard as hell, will we hear more stuff like that from you in the future?

I go with how I’m feeling so it’s always fresh. Never the same. I do use melody more in my own my stuff compared to that verse, but I just freestyle whatever comes to my mind then I start creating. That verse was really me taking the time to match Blood’s aggressiveness with my own. I knew he needed me to be myself too though so I had to go even harder. Big shoutout to Blood Money again. Real Midwest Shit!

7. You dropped an EP just over a month ago, but what will your next project be?

I can’t really say right now because I’m always thinking. It doesn’t matter though if it’s an EP or album to me. I just know the songs and ideas I’ve came up with recently are definitely gonna be wild compared to my last ones. They’ll hear, see, and learn soon enough.

8. Is there anything else we should be looking out for from you?

I say be on the look out for everything from me. I’m always creating something special even if I’m not making music. More importantly be on the look out for BLN “Black Lotus Nation”! There’s so much visuals, projects, merch, and music we’re about to release that it feels like another world is being built from it all.

Listen to Cyrus on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @CyrusKrow.

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