Yvng Wav approaches music from a place of love, that much is undeniable. The description for This Me is Dead. on Soundcloud describes that it ‘Chronicles the use and abuse of sex, drugs and violence as coping mechanisms’, and the first song ‘Dead.’; the refrain of which speaks of ‘numbing all pain that we feeling’; features lyrics pertaining to all three vices. The song is carnal and raw, featuring a sparse instrumental and eerie, layered vocals.

Icebox Ataraxia’ is a larger-sounding song, its bass intense and its melodies slurred. The feature is absolutely animalistic, contrasting the deadpan delivery that Wav provides. At this point, This Me is Dead. takes a more atmospheric turn. ‘Ocean Veins’ is the best track available here, the sinister, serpentine soundscape results in a feeling of immense discomfort. Wav is very good at adapting to these types of beats, his rapping often tactically pauses to allow the listener to soak in the ghostly production.

Die Like A Rockstar’ is the most traditional-sounding joint here, as Wav hops on guitar-dominated beat to deliver his strongest melodic performance. Mike Million has an interesting feature here, his autotuned falsetto really assists in elevating the song. ‘Trust Fall’ throws all of this out the window, instead honing in on the depressive aspects found on ‘Dead.’. Wav raps out ‘peeling back my skin for you’ over a simple piano progression, his voice sounds ready to crack any second, and his whispering raps are genuinely menacing. Rarely do you find such diversity on five track EP’s, but Wav really does approach every track in a different musical mindset. Across its twelve minute runtime, this project frequently impresses and fully lives up to its promise to portray addiction in its starkest, most relatable format.

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