Earlier this year, I reviewed Perpetual, a three track EP by the collective LO$TBOY$YNDICATE. Across its twelve minute runtime, the project displayed three totally different musical approaches, each of which factored into the group’s undeniable chemistry. Now a three piece, LO$TBOY$ have continued to release music throughout the year (including a collaboration with The Underachievers’ Issa Gold) and in August released Resurrection, a two song EP that has not only helped to expand their already impressive catalogue but also generated immense hype for the upcoming Aggression tape.

The first song ‘Extinction’ features the group’s rappers (HaZe Beatz and Jay Future) spitting over an oriental-flavoured trap beat, at only two minutes it proves to be an explosive, infinitely replayable offering. The second song, the title track, serves the same purpose that Perpetual’s ‘Genesis’ did. The raps here are largely expressions of pain and loss while the hook feels like a cathartic release of these pent up emotions. The melodic aspects of the trio’s music sound more fleshed out than ever here, the events of the past year have seemingly fuelled a serious emotional fire that the collective has drawn from on this release.

I have zero doubt that Aggression will be HaZe, Jay, and G.I.B.’s strongest set of songs to date, if the material found here is anything to go by. Check out these songs and look out for the $YNDICATE, they’re likely to be big names in the years to come.

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