Kari Magic brings vicious energy to his latest single.

Kari Magic brings staccato murmurs over a dissonant trap beat on “Cujo”. Clocking in at a brief 2 minutes, Kari wastes none of the time allowed; The song begins and ends abruptly and the bars come without pause. Bells ring hauntingly throughout as Kari raps confidently in a gravelly tone. Compared to his earlier song, “Mucus”, Kari keeps his intonation steady and volume low, providing his bars with constant energy. “Cujo” demands the listener’s full attention as rhymes are delivered rapidly; the feeling gained from listening to “Cujo” is one of excitement and suppression. Bass notes sound muted, implying a greater power lying beneath the surface of the tracks dark instrumentation. The percussion is skeletal, the bare minimum required to carry the flow of the song which only adds to the tracks spectral attitude.

This same attitude is found in the lyricism of “Cujo” – references to magic and dark arts (“Call me Magic but I’m voodoo”) blend with images of bullets and percocet to create a tableau vivant of light battling dark, which then loops back on itself as the opening hook is repeated. “Cujo” definitely lives up to its namesake – Kari repurposes the vicious energy of Stephen King’s story to lyrically assault his rivals, with the listener as his witness.

Kari Magic is set to drop his project Sick on the 9th of January 2020, and whether it keeps the dark energy of “Cujo” or finds a new wave entirely, it’ll definitely be one to look out for.

“Cujo” is available on all major streaming platforms: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/karimagic/cujo

Follow Kari Magic on Twitter @CallmeKkari and Instagram @1k_karii

– Jamie (@youngjade1216)

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