Sicfreid is a gruff-voiced rapper/producer who dropped singles periodically throughout 2019, the best of which was undoubtedly ‘Zoro’. Clearly a lover of anime, the artist had tapped in to this hazy trap sound seven months prior on ‘Phantom Troupe’, but here he essentially perfected that direction.

Perhaps the reason for this was the self-production, a new feature at the time of this song’s release. There’s not a great deal to this beat, it’s simple enough to not distract from the raps but cloudy enough to give the song a pleasant, melodic bounce. Sicfreid sounds great on the mic, his voice is loud and clear and his hook chanting is the work of an experienced songwriter. Other songs in a similar vein have followed, most notably ‘Elegant’, but as it stands this is the defining entry to his discography and a great example of what young, passionate artists can do with nothing but their own voice and knack for producing. Definitely check this track out here and expect a whole lot more from Sicfreid in the future, I have faith that his 2020 is going to be massive.

– Chris (@108mics)


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