On ‘KTA’ MVSON lets his true self flow through an unbreakable verse.

“I don’t give a fuck about nobody, shit, I’m the worst of all” lies at the centre of ‘KTA’, the latest single by Chicago rapper MVSON. This unapologetic declaration is the core of the song’s only verse, a tightly knotted set of bars delivered with dexterity and confidence. The song clocks in at just 1 minute and 7 seconds but the destructive energy that MVSON brings leaves lasting impact; that ‘KTA’ makes such an impression at such a short runtime is astounding.

Over the magnetic thud of 808s and ephemeral melodic notes (provided by producer 19Racks) of ‘KTA’ MVSON unleashes a wave of aggression. “First of all, y’all can lick my dick, I just wanna ball” puts the focus on success instantly, whilst disparaging those who seek to bring the rapper down. The energy only gets darker from here, though; “Sickening, I’m so sickening, you gon’ load this shit it’s rendering” is articulated with detached disgust. By speaking to the listener directly MVSON transforms the anger and emotion flying around the track into a controllable power – he is aware of this evil but, for the duration of the verse, wishes to weaponise it. This is reflected in the true meaning of the title, “Kill Them All”.

“I just be talking crazy sometimes”, MVSON told us about ‘KTA’, “letting out how I really feel”. The song’s true strength is that all the mentioned concepts are presented so concisely, tied together by the well-suited beat and MVSON’s excellent cadence.

‘KTA’ is MVSON’s 9th song of 2020 – here’s hoping that this doesn’t slow down, and the artist can continue to tap into different emotions and experiences for inspiration.

Listen to ‘KTA’ on Soundcloud and Spotify now, and follow MVSON on Twitter and Instagram.

– Jamie (@youngjade1216)


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