Best known for being an exceptional hook writer, Yung Mootla has kicked 2020 off with another huge banger.

Like the rest of the rapper’s discography ‘Ulcer’ employs huge trap production and an earworm chorus, but where it differs is in its scope. More often than not Mootla’s efforts to ram a phrase into a listener’s head succeeds, but never before have his vocals been so perfectly mixed into the beat. LAC’s pummelling 808’s would undoubtedly be effective with any rapper on them, but Mootla and OKODN make such an extravagant impression that it’s very difficult to imagine it being utilised by anybody else. As the frenetic verse comes crashing in, the pair’s chemistry is immediately obvious (maybe more so than any collaboration that the Canadian artist has put together to date). As the first release in his 2020 catalogue, ‘Ulcer’ is the ideal kickstarter for what is sure to be Mootla’s most productive year to date. Check the song out here.

– Chris (@108mics)


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