The first of three songs that the rapper has dropped in 2020 so far, ‘losinscrews’ is okodn’s first true melodic triumph.

Working with rapper/producer ShawnMartian on this track has been hugely beneficial for oko. Martian’s pensive instrumental is key to establishing the self-reflective mood, perfect for the Louisiana artist’s smooth vocal performance and wistful lyrical content. While the beat could initially be mistaken for barebones trap production, there’s a real emotional weight to it mostly highlighted by the sublime piano track. Martian’s hook and verse run fluidly into each other and contribute massively towards the song’s thematic success, although oko’s bars hit the hardest: ‘Back of my mind that’s where it lies now, so I cannot rewind let you know right now’. Both artists have ensured that their voices are heard in fullest capacity, their flows brimming with raw emotion and tinged tastefully with autotune. There’s zero doubt in my mind that this track will go down as one of the best in both artists’ careers, and I look forward immensely to hearing more music in this vein from the Distorted Nature member. But for now, listen to ‘losinscrews’ right here.

– Chris (@108mics)


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