WellyBlanco approaches the concept of honesty with cybernetic soundscapes on “Human Being”, with vocals that sound organically processed.

Seattle vocalist and producer WellyBlanco approaches vocal processing with the perfect intent. His application of pitch correction is obvious, the speed is turned up high; each note flickers to the next rapidly. Behind the autotune, though, is real passion; In his singing performances Blanco pours his soul out into the microphone, and it’s this which makes his single “Human Being” feel so organic and truthful.

The track opens with notes carried across multiple beats by reverb. The lyrics “And I was tryna tell you what it means to me, and I was tryna tell you what it is to me” immediately set the theme. The frustration of maintaining a facade only to be met with dismissal is further reflected in the line “And I can’t lie like that anymore, and I can’t lie like that anyway”. WellyBlanco delivers this with a wounded melisma, commiting to truth. The title is lyrically referenced with “and I can’t show you that I’m a human being”. The openness of the track presses the blame of this line on those who (foolishly) choose to ignore the artist. “Been suffocating all my life, lungs inside is dead weight” constricts and weighs down the emotional tone of the song, and the line is fittingly placed amongst a rapid and breathless piece of the song’s verse. Beneath the lyrics crisp percussion snap like broken sticks, and 808s hit with a clean rumble, thanks to a beat from Tali.

The subtext of “Human Being” is better understood by looking at some other WellyBlanco songs. “Ghost Out The Shell” suggests openness in its title alone, but lyrically and chronologically it precedes “Human Being”. “No more time for you, you ain’t got no time for me, you ain’t paid no goddamn mind to me” sings Blanco on “Ghost”, setting up the pain of “Human Being”. On “Hour Glass”, an explosive beat from MUUMIS sets the stage for WellyBlanco to explore his worldview. “Never slow with my attack I replicate my best techniques” is the exact type of confidence that underscores the pain of “Human Being”.

It’s already looking like a productive 2020 for WellyBlanco. Since “Human Being” he’s dropped two tracks, and with a style unique as his it would be fantastic to see him attain more success as the year goes on.

Listen to “Human Being” here.

Follow WellyBlanco on Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

– Jamie (@youngjade1216)


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