While he’s generally a master of melancholy, London-based singer-songwriter John Alone has time and time again proved that he has a knack for infectious, upbeat material (last year’s ‘Two Suns’ being a prime example). With his new track ‘Sunny Skies’, he’s explored that avenue once again.

Employing a melodic rap style that he’s previously used on tracks like ‘Kid Rap’ and ‘Sewer Man’, as well as a significant amount of his discography under the Wiley Coyote name, John delivers a bright, infectious banger. His delivery is as charming as ever, his smooth tones cascading over Manny Dubbs’ mellow, trap-flavoured production in a way that perfectly complements his dual affinities for singing and rapping. It’s nice to hear John make a more brag-centered track, he’s an extraordinarily talented guy and songs like these find the perfect middle ground for his jack of all trades approach to songwriting. Stream the song here and look out for plenty more from the artist as the year progresses.

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