Yusef Slim pioneers an organic fusion of jazz and drill on “Kaká”, creating an irrepressible and compelling tune.

Opposites attract; this is the theory that makes artist Yusef Slim’s new song “Kaká” so magnetic. Jazz has long been a key element in hip hop beat making, but the synthesis of this time honored genre with the bold bass lines and nervous drum patterns of drill music is something rarely, if ever, heard. Slim collaborates with producer sjbeats for this very reason. The end product is smile – inducing to the highest degree, the type of song that calls for dancing in any situation.

That’s not to say the lyrical content is joyous by any measure – the holy trinity of sex money and drugs found in most drill tracks is undefeated – but it is considerably less violent than some of the genre’s tunes. The delivery is calm but able, with Yusef Slim demonstrating considerable skill. “Dressed all black with a red stripe, and a big 22 like Kaká, I’m not here for the chatter, clatter, yes, man’s face spin a jaw” is a masterful rhyme. Clearly Slim wishes to compare himself to the legendary footballer by evidencing his skills, rather than references alone. “Acid rain in my brain” brings a splash of the surreal to the hook, which reflects a large part of the song’s appeal. The seriousness of the lyrics, gritty hi hats and elastic bass are juxtaposed intensely with the warm, crackling Jazz samples to carry the listener through the mix. The soundscape is smooth, like a peaceful sea. Atop this musical ocean Yusef Slim produces syllables as rapid as they are effortless.

Yusef Slim is far from locked in to a specific genre, in fact he’s committed to experimentation. The mellow “give thanks”, produced by Ason Purrp, lays out a modus operandi for the artist; “mix the Barbara Streisand with the slowthai”. “Kaká” is closer to mixing Headie One and Squid Ethics, as clashes of mood and genre create something totally unique. With this song, Yusef Slim has proved that he is one to watch.

Listen to “Kaká” here.

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– Jamie (@youngjade1216)


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