I’ve covered SeKwence on this blog countless times, but never before have I had the pleasure of reviewing such a well-assembled project from the Alabama MC. Left in a daze after the epic Wonder If Hell Has a Buffet, I was all the more dazzled by Lake Water’s dreamy, introspective contents. Check the album out in full here.

I’m always claiming that SeKwence has topped his previous effort when he releases a new full length, but that truly is the case here. Lake Water is as much a love letter to Alabama as it is a musical exercise of all the things that make its brightest star such an incredible performer. As expected there’s a lot of Souless representation here, the collective falls behind its de facto leader to aid in crafting his most complete release. ntvrme’s soft, whimsical production on ‘Where I Go’ propels one of its leading singles to star status, while Krow’s tear-inducing organ sampling is simply gorgeous on ‘Another Day’. The rappers hold no punches either: BigLarry’s harsh cadence results in the best performance on ‘Cloud Walker’ and rap machine Barry Marrow ultimately achieves the same (once again on ‘Another Day’). There’s some stunning appearances from artists outside of the group too, to name just two Nickelus F raps like a man possessed on ‘K.Y.H.L.’ and Tina teams up with SeKwence for a third classic collaboration on ‘Duals/Simulations’.

It’s also to be noted that, despite the multitude of guests and the general sonic expansion of Lake Water in comparison to WIHHAB, there’s a unique, decidedly more human presence in SeKwence’s voice here. He’s still extremely raspy, but his accent leaks in more and it really enhances the homegrown, organic feel of the album’s creation and promotional campaign. Additionally, as much of the the rapper’s lyrical content revolves around triumph despite adversity, it absolutely feels as if Lake Water is his biggest, boldest moment yet (I’ve also got the impression that it’s his proudest, and rightfully so). SeKwence has on this fourteen track album assembled a tasteful cast of producers and guests that each seem to see with the same tunnel vision as the album’s creator himself. There’s zero fat to trim, absolutely zero duds, and many of the best tracks in the rapper’s discography to be found here.

– Chris (@108mics)

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