At only fifteen years old, UK rapper Finlince! is an inspiring presence in the underground rap community.. While his current discography is modest, it contains plenty of hidden gems that hint at a bigger, bolder future for the talented youngster.

The Threeway EP is as good a place to start as any with the rapper’s music. Lathered in autotune, Fin’s frenzied, chaotic verses give highlights like ‘Ysl’ and ‘Outdated’ an alluring intensity that will immediately captivate fans of high-octane melo-trap. Threeway’s melodic peak comes in the form of the song ‘Midnight’, which features a guitar propelled beat that, sampled or not, is highly reminiscent of the best of nineties midwest emo. Fin unveils his talent as a singer here, maximising his potential as a crossover star.

Fin’s most recent drop, ‘It’s Okay’, continues in this vein. With vocal assistance from Joe Croskey, the song quickly emerges as the artist’s saddest song. The muted pianos and sparse percussive elements bring attention primarily to the two singers, Fin’s voice taking on a deeper tone for this more introspective moment in his catalogue.

Prior to 2020, Finlince!’s output was less unique but no less interesting. The lengthier Antisocial tape sports features plenty of GBC-esque hooks, but there’s still a solid sense of identity that has carried forward into the more distinct releases that have dropped over the last month or so. Based on the unreleased material that he sent me (most of which were solid blends of fast-paced,aggressive material and the moodier content that he’s been putting out as late), Fin is about to have a spectacular 2020. With his youth on his side, he has the potential to become a truly unstoppable force.

– Chris (@108mics)


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