773MVSON recently committed himself by name to his city, a constant source of inspiration. I spoke with him in January to find out how he weaves his influences into his work.

“Definitely laid down a few tracks. I gotta slow down with putting them out” begins Chicago rapper 773MVSON, opening our conversation with a methodical edge. Though our discussion has just begun, it’s clear from the collected tone of his voice that music is a serious matter – indeed, as I’ll come to find out, it’s the ambition of this artist to grow beyond expectations, and succeed as a musician. 

When I wrote about 773MVSON (then known simply as MVSON) previously, his ability to condense complexities of emotion and tone jumped out at me. Since then he’s continued to develop these skills with songs such as the pained “So Long” and aptly named “RELAX”. He carries this same energy when describing his artistic process; “In the present man, I feel like I’m involved with life. With every period kind of thing, every 3 months of 4 months it switches up”. His voice beams with friendly confidence as he continues, “Doing that autotune shit or like trap, even fucking with singing even though I can’t sing and shit.” Clearly the tides of change are swaying through the mind of 773MVSON, with his creativity affected especially by environmental shifts; “The melodic shit got my ear right now bro, I think it’s because it’s winter time and shit. I hate to say it but its definitely more in my feelings (laughs)” he admits”. I’m excited to hear more about these melodic ventures, but admittedly reassured by a commitment to maintain the fiery attitude seen on “KTA” – “I’m still gonna have tracks where I talk hella shit!”.

The topic of inspiration steers our discussion. Even in moments of unrelated focus I get the constant impression that 773MVSON exists by drawing from his influences. “I been listening to a lot of Young Nudy, JID, some Lucki, this dude named Twelve’Len, and some Mick Jenkins, but other than that just like Soundcloud n—-’s… I can relate to a lot of the upbeat artists up here [in Chicago], there’s a whole lot of R&B artists in Chicago, people who motivate me to keep going because everybody else is going hard”. Inevitably, we get to talking about the city; “And definitely environment bro, it inspires my sound. Whatever I’m going through at the moment, [such as] finances [plus] there’s always someone hating on somebody in Chicago… it’s definitely environmental”. A more thoughtful approach flows through 773MVSON’s speech as we delve into his own reaction to his surroundings “I don’t really be in the streets like that. I just be vibin in my own space, there’s good vibes when you find them but there’s a lot of negativity out here I can’t lie to you about that”. 773MVSON’s experience consciously defies the darker notes of Chicago’s reputation. He has an admirable positivity, dedicated to artwork, and details his passions with an expressive register. We step swiftly towards his music.

Of course, there’s a lot 773MVSON hopes to achieve in 2020. “[I’m] planning on dropping a few EPs and a few singles throughout the year, travelling out of state for some shows, prolly work on some of Superior Raps’ shit, fuck w the R1 boys, collaborate with folks, and drop hella music this year – and then get money man!” he exclaims. A list of considerable weight, definitely, but it seems more and more realistic the further we dive into the artist’s prior achievements. Of 773MVSON’s fifteen live performances, four took place in 2019; “sometimes it amounts to nothing because it’s open mics. A lot of people don’t support each other out here”. In an instant the mood becomes proud and purposeful as 773MVSON slows, choosing words carefully. I’m stunned by one anecdote in particular.  “Last year I did this one show downtown in Chicago. They made me open up but I literally had the littest set tho. I came to terms, now I got confidence, but when you don’t have confidence and people really be clapping and coming up to you, that’s really why I do this shit”.

“Bro I wish Soundcloud was like it was years ago, when it was buzzin and shit. I really got into Soundcloud when it was like RVIDXR KLVN, then I got onto Bones before they became SESH. I got told to quit rapping and shit; I got told to quit sports and I quit, so I was in my room playing video games and when I wasn’t playing video games I was rapping, trying to learn how to rap and shit. Shit I just be here! I just be explaining what’s in my heart! A lot of my music has to deal with trying to make it. I feel like it stems from a lot of people tryna tell me to quit – this is my best revenge, being successful. Literally, I don’t talk much. This probably the most I talked in a couple days, consecutively. You give me your playstation and I’ll start talking shit though!”

Invigorated, we look to the future; “Another goal! I definitely want to come to the UK one day, for a week or so. Whenever I see bones and them go overseas I say, bro, that’s the life I wanna live for real”. The travel aspirations don’t stop at the home of 108MICS though, far from it. 773MVSON envisions himself as a truly global presence. “Once I get successful enough, I’m gonna be taking trips to South America”, though this comes with its own challenges. “I gotta be outside a lot when I’m in Brazil, they got hella bugs and shit! Two or three times and I’m good! I can’t really fuck with Australia like that either!” he jokes. “Those spiders be in the bathroom and shit? Nah, I can’t do it dog (laughs)”. There’s not only the dream of success propelling 773MVSON, but plans for its arrival, even if they do involve the occasional spider. 

Though we’ve spoken for a good while, it feels as if time is moving at double pace. By the time we get around to shout-outs, I’m feeling energised by the enthusiasm flying along our digital connection. “I just put out an album in December called CATALOG, most of that album is produced by my roommate Johnny Innuendo, you’ll see his name on my Soundcloud, he’s a cool ass n—-, tryna come up in that beat-making shit”. True reverence and respect come through in this description, and the ones to follow; “My homie Maxine got a nice ass voice and shit, she be rap singing, she nice”. He also recalls Rapso, Cowboy Killa, former group CVSKET, Cyber, BigBabyGucci, GAWD, Xavier Wulf and Bones. Again, the inspiration behind 773MVSON feels limitless in breadth and variety. 

773MVSON leaves me with a powerful announcement, the perfect capstone to a punchy conversation; “Mason Margeila, put a V in it motherfucker! New music coming soon, got something for everybody’s ears! Might not be for the kids but I make music for grown adults! Put a V in it and we good to go!” 

Listen to RELAX here.

Follow 773MVSON on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

– Jamie (@youngjade1216)

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