THE TOP 5 EPs OF 2020

As singles continue to dominate charts and listeners’ attention, EPs are becoming more and more important. In the underground especially they’re a crucial platform for quick yet brilliant ideas, introductions and reintroductions, and lightning-in-a-bottle moments. 108MICS’ top five list is full of brilliant examples. These works are the best of a uniquely essential format; these … Continue reading THE TOP 5 EPs OF 2020


Perfect Chao’s new EP-going-on-mixtape is true to the artist’s name – charismatic and playful at every turn. Perfect Chao’s almost self-titled new project “Prfct!cha0” better captures nostalgia than any music released this year. The California musician uses synthetic sound palettes to illustrate generational yearning for colour and simplicity, contrasting this with blistering, euphoric drum and … Continue reading 2020 REVIEWS: PERFECT CHAO – PRFCT!CHA0