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Interview Season 2: 2M Bandz

One of the hardest rappers and most inspired songwriters in the scene right now, Bandz drops nothing but dope fucking music. Enjoy this interview, and check out his shit! 1. Who first inspired you to start rapping? Shit I was inspired by my cousin who wanted to rap first but he was in the street so I got into it […]

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Interview Season 2: Big Pete

One of the hardest rappers tackling the dark undercurrent of the hip hop scene, Big Pete perfectly matches any production he finds himself on. Since I discovered Pete’s music, I’ve had him marked as one of the realest artists coming out of Houston. 1. I was first put on to you when I hosted your track ‘GOD’S PLAN’ with Lil […]

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Of all the music videos that Jah-Monte has commissioned for his songs, his latest effort for Alkaline Water highlight ‘Miami Vice Grips’ might be the best yet. As the visual cuts in, the rapper stares into the distance, El Toro’s bass licks cascading in the background. Jah-Monte’s body language is both effortlessly cool and deliberately space-conscious. The setting for the […]

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Interview Season 2: Ace Uzumakii

Ace Uzumakii is one of the most consistently impressive rappers in his field, his anime-obsessed music is no gimmick as it merely bolsters the incredible talent that his raps reveals. His latest effort ‘lil angel shawty’ follows his established trend of booted up, synth-heavy bangers with dreamy, autotune-laced vocals. Whereas the rapper has recently gone for moodier tracks with more […]

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ARTIST: ZACH ZLUMP SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER However you try to analyse his music, it’s clear that Zach Slump is on some grimy shit. On the cover of his latest project Poor Quality Aesthetics, he amidst a cloud of smoke with a lackadaisical haze on his face. Sonic expectations for a rapper using this imagery are met on the song ‘Out The […]

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Interview Season 2: Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon

The self proclaimed ‘best rapper in Charlotte’ is also one of the best rappers full stop. His love for the culture and investment in the genre have led to many quality projects, and his output only gets better and better. It’s definitely an honour to be doing this interview him. 1. How long have you been interested in rap? It’s […]

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Interview Season 2: Fuego

Philadelphia rapper Fuego is one of the hardest working rappers out right now, his projects are crazy hard and his live shows are off the wall. We spoke about his music and visuals, his upcoming material and what’s next in his career. 1. Your latest project PLAY THIS AT MY FUNERAL was so good, and pretty underrated in all honesty. […]

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Interview Season 2: FERRARA

One of the greatest rappers I’ve been put on to as of late, FERRARA’S work rate is truly immense. It’s my pleasure to interview such a talented artist, especially one so supportive of my music. 1. You’ve dropped a huge amount of music, including many projects. Of these, which would you say you’re most proud of? In my opinion its […]

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Interview Season 2: Darth Roach

One of the gnarliest rappers creating the distinctively dense, shadowy sound of the underground, Roach is a monstrous rapper that sounds great over any type of production. 1. You were one of the first artists I followed that heavily pursued that dark, dissonant sound that a lot of the underground is known for, and you definitely make it better than […]

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PRODUCER: STEVE THE FISH SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Rapper/producer Steve The Fish is a 19 year old artist from a small town in Massachusetts. Up until this point, his small but strong discography has been a Soundcloud exclusive, displaying in full the reflective and poignant nature of his bars, as well as his excellent ear for beats. But that’s now changed, as […]

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Interview Season 2: Elijah Aiden

An artist that immediately impressed me with his concise, melodically confident music, Elijah is a force to reckoned with, and is definitely about to prove himself in a big way. 1. You have a small discography so far, but every song holds weight as a quality piece of hip hop. What moods and emotions do you aim to convey in […]

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Interview Season 2: Cowboy Killerr

R1 rapper and one of the underground’s most distinctive acts, Cowboy is an elite-tier artist whose sizeable discography and incredible live presence have added up to a jaw-droppingly fantastic career so far. We chopped it up about his career up to this point, his upcoming material as well as those that inspire him to go even harder. 1. Why and […]

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Interview Season 2: Lit Hamilton

3:AM rapper/producer Lit Hamilton aka Young Litty has been a favourite artist of mine for almost a year now, his work throughout 2018 making him stand out firmly in a busy, diverse scene. He’s a unique talent in terms of his consistency, work ethic and down to earth nature, and it was a pleasure doing this with him. 1. How […]

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ARTIST: SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER A man of many talents, Havik Motion is a triple threat of the most lethal variety. His rapping is sharp and his lyrics cut deep, his production is nostalgic and operatically-influenced and his songwriting is consistently inventive. The song that its most vital to discuss is ‘SHEESH_’, a song, a brief, snappy piece of music. As crushing […]

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Interview Season 2: Remi

UK’s finest Remi aka Young Souljuh is a genre-bender that transforms the grime template into something far darker and more terrifying. Working primarily with super producer Bloodline Genesis, he’s been making incredible underground rap over the last few months and he’s arguably the best uniting his scene with that of the US into something truly unique. 1. You’re the first […]

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Interview Season 2: Koran

Horror Posse rapper Koran just dropped one of the year’s hardest EP’s, his tough-as-granite raps supported by a cast of veteran producers. In this interview, we discussed his latest work, his influence and interests and how he came to join the horror-themed collective in the first place. 1. I feel like you’re a pretty underrated rapper, your flow is hard […]