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Interview #10: BIGLARRY

I’ve wanted to interview this dude for a while, as I feel he’s one of the most underrated Souless members and a seriously great rapper. Was great shoot him some questions, he’s a real genuine dude. Shout out Larry for keeping it real as hell. 1. There’s not a lot of music on your Soundcloud but I fuck with the […]

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Interview #9: Lärs

I recently reviewed Lärs’ Pronounced With Regret, a killer instalment in the rapper’s excellent discography. In the aftermath of this, he kindly let me shoot him some questions about his music, his other outlets, and his plans for the future. I think this one came out even better than usual. 1. First off I want to say how dope the […]

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Review #4: Lärs – Pronounced with Regret

Lärs is one of my favourite Souless members and by far their most versatile MC, so I’ve been delving into his back catalogue as of late in order to get to grips with his very consistent catalogue. Pronounced With Regret, his latest, entirely revenxnt-produced album, is brimming with the beautiful, rainy day jazz vibes that the latter is so well […]

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Interview #8: Pie$

As a member of XL Cartel, Pie$ and his beats have been on my radar for a while now. He has done excellent work as a producer on other artist’s projects, but his talent for making deranged-sounding music extends to his quality beat catalogue on his Soundcloud as well. He kindly answered some questions for me about where this creativity […]

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Interview #7: Barry Marrow

The latest member of the Souless collective to grace me with an interview is Barry, an extremely skilled rapper with a great eye for fashion. Was great shooting him the questions and getting to know his influences, what inspires him, and what he has planned for the future. 1. Firstly, I want to compliment you for your contributions to the […]

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Review #3: Souless – PREFIX

The fact that PREFIX, the first oficial compilation project by international hip-hop collective Souless, begins with a triumphant, revenxnt produced piece of jazz-hop seems extremely apt. In the merely two minute ‘Tek9’, Barry Marrow and SeKwence remind me why they’re such impressive rappers, and why they’re the ideal choice to kick off a tape that fully covers their strength as […]

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Review #2: SeKwence – FULGORE

Of the rappers that I follow on Twitter, SeKwence is by far my favourite. As well as being an excellent lyricist, he has a gruff, husky voice that serves him well as an MC of the purest variety. Sek’s powerful voice has made his past projects (the I Feel Like Billy Hoyle series, the Perfect World EP) feel remarkably complete […]

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Interview #6: Herme$

I’ve been following Herme$ for a while now, and I’ve been very impressed with his work rate, the quality of his music, and the friendly way in which he agreed to this interview. He has a lot to say but it’s all essential to understanding him as an artist and a person. This is definitely my most informative interview to […]

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Interview #5: Drkmnd

I was put onto drkmnd’s music a couple weeks back, and I’ve enjoyed exploring his vast array of music. He let me shoot him a few questions about his inspirations, methods of creating music, and aims for the future. 1. Your latest project is Contemplations, an album that flows incredibly seamlessly track to track. Were you aiming for this vibe […]

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Review #1: BDB Suff – BIMBO

I’ve followed Suff on Twitter for quite some time, during which he has left me heavily anticipating his debut project. As Suff is a member of hip-hop conglomerate Souless, and as the beats I’d heard on his Soundcloud and Traktrain were extremely dope and diverse, dabbling as much as he has in house as in cloudy, immersive hip-hop, I had […]

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Interview #4: Klsr

I was recently put onto Klsr by SeKwence, and I learned that like me he lives in the UK, a place where the sort of hip-hop he makes is practically a dead art. He kindly spoke to me about the differences in being a UK producer, his influences, and his role within the Souless collective. 1. To me, your production […]

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Interview #3: SeKwence

Easily one of the most talented underground rappers at the moment, Alabama native SeKwence is killin it at the moment with his gruff approach to lyrical rap. He was kind enough to let me shoot him a few questions about his career thus far, his work as part of the Souless collective, and his upcoming album. 1. Your two latest […]

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Interview #2: Kli9se Killem

Me and Klipse were recently introduced on Twitter via a mutual friend, and I quickly found enjoyment in his twisted, abrasive take on West Coast hip-hop. He kindly agreed to let me conduct his first interview, which reveals a lot about his artistic vision for his music, his bold intentions for his brand and his desire to reinforce the idea […]

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Interview #1: NoCondomCaruci

I’ve been following Caruci on Twitter since late last year, and I’ve been impressed with his music throughout that period. Caruci was kind enough to let me interview him for my blog, and tell me about the thought processes behind some of my favourite tracks of his. 1. At this point i’m quite familiar with Souless Recordings and the work […]