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ARTIST: HOT DILBY SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER When you drop an EP called Rainforest, you have to be prepared to bring music as luscious, organic and sleek as your project’s namesake. hot dilby, who dropped a seven track offering of this exact name a few days ago, has more than lived up to this expectation by delivering an atmospheric piece of music […]

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ARTIST: PHARAOHVENOM911 SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM PharaohVenom911 is an absolutely savage rapper, his flows are nasty as hell and sound particularly depraved when spat over arid, airy beats like last year’s single ‘Kiss Of Death’. Packing a massive and eerily distorted hook, the song carries an unstoppable energy and utilises countless flows, each of which sound terrifyingly lucid thanks to the […]

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ARTIST: 99TOYO SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM 99toyo is another artist whose output is less than prolific, but there’s no denying that each of his currently released songs is of extremely high quality. His most recent venture ‘illbefine’ is a hazy journey through a distorted palmpre-produced labyrinth, his raps largely indecipherable aside from fitting references to double cups and generally getting fucked […]

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Interview Season 2: KRXXK

If you’re unfamiliar with KRXXK, you’re unfamiliar with the current sound of the underground. He’s likely produced for your favourite artist and at this point his accolades are only going to grow. The amount of artists that I’ve interviewed with songs produced by this guy is huge, and the amount of songs I’ve hosted produced by him is ever growing […]

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ARTIST: FANG SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER PRODUCER: TEVOBEATZ SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Vampire Ashes, the new EP from rapper Fang and producer Tevo, is one of 2019’s best short releases so far. Opener ‘Kaleidoscope’ establishes an intensity setting that is rarely deviated from, featuring a powerful opening salvo from Tevo that stick rigorously to contemporary ideas of trap music with its glittering marimba undercurrent. […]

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ARTIST: REMI SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM I’ve been meaning to properly cover some British hip-hop on my blog, and London rapper Remi’s presents a perfect opportunity for that. His latest project KING OF DA UNDERGROUND 2.0 WINTER SOULJUH, almost half of the production on which is by underground legend Bloodline Genesis, echoes with all the things that make hip-hop from my […]

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Interview Season 2: VCiD HiGH

I’m thankful that VCiD reached out to me when he did, because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the music he’s put out over the last few months. If you’re looking for high quality, lucidly delivered hip hop, the California rapper has you covered. 1. Firstly, I want to thank you for letting me host your recent single ‘RED DOT’ with Kli9se Killem. […]

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El Paso collective Tusk Airline have been killing the game for a minute now, and their most recent video for the single ‘Slide’ is continued evidence of this. The song dropped earlier this month, starring three of the group’s roster engaging in slick, infectious hip-hop that might just be their strongest piece of songwriting to date. The all too brief […]

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ARTIST: RDIDTHAT SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Texas rapper/singer RDidthat has a fairly small discography, but his career up until this point still contains some undeniable highlights. ‘anymore’ transforms the guitar riff of Mr Probz’ ‘Waves’ into something even more emotionally bleak, littered sparsely with a fragile drum beat. R’s vocals are incredibly strong on this track, they soar beautifully above the beat […]

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ARTIST: STONE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER SToNE is a bit of an enigma. His most recent release, simply titled Miscellaneous, is actually anything but. Each track melds into the next, creating a trippy, distorted and slightly disconcerting listening experience. At a mere twenty minutes, the project appears more longer and more fleshed out, as each song features a smorgasbord of weird vocal […]

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Interview Season 2: Jewish Reaper

Russian producer and one of the underground’s brightest, most hard-working talents, Jewish Reaper lives up to the latter moniker by crafting intensely dark, harrowing productions. Collaborating with a ton of the scene’s most prolific names, he’s working his way to the top and will soon hopefully be recognised as one of the underground’s strongest and most down to earth talents. […]

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ARTIST: CROWE REINHOLD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Pittsburgh rapper/singer/producer Crowe Reinhold is a multi-faceted talent whose songwriting strengths have been incredibly apparent on past works, and on his new project Reclamation, the diversity he displays in all of these areas is nothing short of breathtaking. Opener ‘costigan’ is a more melodic approach than much of his discography to date, revealing an immediate […]

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A gritty rapper hardened by the struggles of everyday life, Oso 200 spits nothing but grim realities. Such words are even more effective when paired with quality visuals, and in the case of the HAUNTXR-hosted ‘TRY2HIDE’ it’s suddenly hard to imagine the song without them. Donning a black hoodie and rapping morosely amongst flickering shadows, Oso is less imposing and […]

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Interview Season 2: ra$$$had

Atlantan producer/rapper/curator ra$$$had has been in the industry for many years, working hard on various projects and getting not only his name but that of many other artists and producers out there in the process. As well as being incredibly talented, he does essential work to promote undervalued artists in the underground and it was a pleasure to do this […]

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ARTIST: JUIICE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER One listen to Texas rapper JUiiCE’s most recent project #GlossStarTape will tell you everything you need to know about his true strengths: a diverse array of rapping skills, a penchant for slick songwriting and a truly excellent beat selection. Although the Texas drawl is there, his flow is actually more reminiscent of modern Florida icons like […]

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PRODUCER: YEOJ SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Yeoj World 3, the long-awaited third instalment of the eponymous producer’s mixtape series starring friends and collaborators from across the hip-hop spectrum. The usual suspects crop up here (Josen, Dawszn), as well as plenty of new connections (30Rock, Loudpack Kap). The majority of these artists (there’s only really a couple of superfluous tracks here) helps […]