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Interview Season 2: PBR

An Atlanta rapper with a distinctive sound, PBR has a lot of high quality work out. With his upcoming project with friend/collaborator VNUS808 on the way, we only have more to look forward to. 1. You told me that you most frequently work with VNUS808, and in your collabs like ‘ZIP’ and ‘John Wick’ I can see that there’s an […]

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Interview Season 2: Colton Skaggs

A genre spanning musician and incredibly talented producer, Colton is a big supporter of my blog and it was only right that we finally worked on an interview together. 1. You’re probably the most musically experimental artist I’ve ever interviewed. Can you tell me about some of your favourite genres and what you love most about them? thank you for […]

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Interview Season 2: JUIICE

Texas rapper JUiiCE has made a decent splash on my radar as of late, his music is fast paced, determined and most importantly comes from the soul. We talked about his inspirations, his favourite people to work with, and his plans for the future. 1. You recently dropped the #GlossStarTape, which was a nice collection of tracks. When will I […]

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Interview Season 2: Aegis Young

Florida’s Aegis Young is another vital member of the state’s blooming rap scene. We chopped it up about his career so far, his live shows and his intentions for the future. 1. When did you first begin rapping? Your first project on Soundcloud is from 2014 but does your career date further back? I first started rapping when I was […]

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Interview Season 2: Real Chrispy

A poet, rapper and songwriter, Real Chrispy has just released the video for his track ‘Fixated’, a smash that appeared on my first compilation tape. 1. How long have you been a poet/songwriter? Your skills are evident in the stuff you release, so I’d guess they come from years of experience. I’ve been writing songs, poetry & even little jingles […]

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‘Fake Love’ is a common theme in hip-hop, especially in an age where genuine support is hard to distinguish from the fickleness of the mainstream market. Jordan Taylor has a solid discography that includes autotune-aided exuberance and soul-gazing emo, but his latest offering is something else entirely. Utilising the dark melodicism of Xtravulous’ production, he is able to apply his […]

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Interview Season 2: SOLVRFLVRE

TERRORWORLD producer SOLVRFLVRE is one of the underground’s most underrated (and dare I say under-appreciated?) names. His beats perfectly capture the darkness that the true underground is imbued with to it very core, so its no surprise legends like SGP have chosen to rap on them. I wanted to interview him not only because of his extensive list of high-quality […]

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Interview Season 2: Yung Chainsmoke

Horror Posse member and perhaps one of the most eclectic artists I’ve encountered in my time running this blog, Chainsmoke is a masterful producer with an impressive discography under his belt. He’s also maybe my biggest supporter, he’s the one person I can always count on to always listen to the music I drop and I can’t thank him enough […]

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Interview Season 2: IAMPISSED

Perhaps the definitive face of BMB’s sound, IAMPISSED is a true student of SGP. That’s not to downplay the uniqueness of his sound, he has crafted some of the underground’s most recognisable production and worked with many of its legends. This is one of my most important and insightful interviews to date, and I hope you all enjoy it. 1. […]

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Interview Season 2: G.P3$0

My latest interview is with XL Cartel member Peso, he’s been on my radar for almost a year now. Every song he drops is incredibly dope, and I’m hyped for his next project. 1. Firstly, I wanted to say that we should have done this a lot sooner, I’ve been clued into your music since you dropped FOCU5 last year. […]

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Interview Season 2: SnowIcy

Russian producer SnowIcy is an impressive talent whose ability to craft dark, phonk-influenced music is just as strong as his penchant for turning r&b melodies into something even more hauntingly beautiful. Like other Russian producers influenced by the sound of the American underground, he is on the road towards becoming a prolific name and I hope more artists get in […]

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PRODUCER: WHOSE TWITTER INSTAGRAM whose camp, a collaborative project between producer whose and a variety of his rapper friends, is a wonderful slice of acrobatic, constantly shifting hip-hop condensed into a pleasant 20 minutes. The first track, a ‘welcome’ to the camp, sports the vocal talents of rapper Zech in all their glory. A serious heavyweight in the rap field, […]

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Interview Season 2: Herme$ Pt. 2

My first interview with Palm Beach rapper Herme$ was one of my favourites, and in the time since then and this second instalment he’s expanded his ever growing discog massively, become part of the BMB collective alongside countless other talented rapper and producers, and generally proved that he’s one of the hardest working artists out of Florida. He’s got a […]

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ARTIST: SINISTERSCHUYLER SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM PRODUCER: IAMPISSED SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Just as the winter months are fading, SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB’s SINISTERSCHUYLER and BMB’s IAMPISSED have reminded us why they can be some of the best for appreciating music. In line with the images he paints in the chorus of ‘BLIZZARD’, Schuyler’s sound on this EP has never been more evil. Cold hearted […]

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Interview Season 2: Lih Bruja

An artist I’ve been fascinated with for a good minute, Bruja presents dark, atonal rap music with an extreme edge, I’d strongly recommend anyone interested in hip-hop inspired by darker, heavier genres to give his music a shot. 1. Firstly, I’m interested in who inspired you to rap the way you do? Your vocals are sometimes screamed, always distorted and […]

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ARTIST: HOT DILBY SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER When you drop an EP called Rainforest, you have to be prepared to bring music as luscious, organic and sleek as your project’s namesake. hot dilby, who dropped a seven track offering of this exact name a few days ago, has more than lived up to this expectation by delivering an atmospheric piece of music […]