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PRODUCER: GORGEONSTARS BANDCAMP TWITTER As a follower of Gorgeonstars’ lush, meticulously detailed production, I can safely say that Leaves; which lives up to the aforementioned description with its throbbing, radiant title track; is his best collection of music to date. Every track presents a unique sonic palette: the opener a tidal wave of beauteous synth work, ‘Shine’ a sprawling piano […]

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PRODUCER: SHARP. SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER SHARP. is one of the coldest producers in the game, his credits are impressive but the music well and truly speaks for itself, even on his instrumental works there’s a deeply evocative love for the culture seeped into every kick and bass note. If you’re unfamiliar with the man’s work, and you need definitive evidence of […]

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ARTIST: OGT THE BISHOP SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER A highly eccentric rapper using colourful production to enhance the quality of his earnest, quotable raps, OGT The Bishop is a necessary artist for anyone seeking weirdo, off-kilter deliveries and aggressively creative songwriting in their hip-hop. ‘Pink Vibes’ is both bouncy and a hefty banger, the OJ Da Juiceman influence extreme as the rapper’s […]

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Interview Season 2: ayashi!

NJ’s ayashi! has been making sprightly, dense productions for years now, and his ambition to release projects has only grown in this time. Very much deserving of bigger placements, he is an established producer with a recognisably unique sound. 1. Your production is extremely diverse, do you have any major influences or inspiration? My major influences are kind of whatever […]

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ARTIST: LORD VZA SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM The first volume of Lord VZA’s lengthily titled Haibane Renmei & The Oreo Speedbikes series dropped New Years Day 2019, its industrial tread nightmare an unmatched experience in an extremely saturated scene. The opener of Part 2, the dense, metallic maelstrom ‘(Lin Ultra) Dark Throne Radioactive’, continues this obsession with shadowy, Blade Runner-esque soundscapes. Clearly, […]

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Interview Season 2: levitatingman

Not knowing levitatingman and his enormous contributions to the growth of the underground would be a grave oversight by any avid hip-hop fan. Responsible for some of the greatest production pieces of this decade, the producer’s history is littered with seminal works. 1. You’re truly a veteran of the underground, your work on Bandcamp stretches back a good five years. […]

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ARTIST: SOMA SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER PRODUCER: WHOKILLEDCJ TWITTER Sometimes as a writer, I’m faced with a difficult challenge: to write about music that strays far beyond the typical realms of music that I generally cover. Soma’s new project Sadhouse seems to fit that description like a glove, its hypnotic title track layering the autotune on thick over a metronomic, EDM-inspired beat. […]

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Interview Season 2: Dominus Excalibur

Another recent 108Mics discovery, Dominus Excalibur blends high-octane songwriting with thoughtful, moody lyricism. 1. Where are you from? Does your city have a major hip-hop scene? Originally I was born in Kalispel, Montana but I’ve lived in Tucson, Arizona since I was 5 years old. I wouldn’t say that my city has a major hip hop scene, there’s plenty of […]

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ARTIST: ABNORMAL AREA SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER PRODUCER: RAID SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Abnormal Area and Raid have made music before, and Abnormal is a well established user of tread beats in all forms, but this new EP (on which the latter crafts his dark, muscular production with the assistance of 4AMDorian) is still a shock to the system. Rarely is tread music this […]

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Interview Season 2: wtrflls

Scottish artist wtrflls is one of many great talents coming out of the UK, and I’m glad we tapped in for this eye-opening interview. 1. How long have you been producing for? Do you have a favourite song that you’ve worked on? I’ve been playing music since 2009/2010 in bands with my friends (usually guitar or bass) but it wasn’t […]

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Interview Season 2: Sxberblu

A recent discovery for the blog, Sxberblu has been a steadfast supporter of my work over the last couple of months. With deeply personal music making up the bulk of his output, the rapper is bettering himself with every drop. 1. You’ve dropped quite a few projects at this point, the latest being SKiZa. Which would you say you’re most […]

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Interview Season 2: Chop000

Canada’s brightest production star, Chop has a selective but undeniably fantastic discography that includes the work of some of the underground’s greatest artists. Far from a legend in the making (he reached that point a long time ago), Chop’s beats well and truly speak for themselves. 1. How long precisely have you been producing for? What motivated you to do […]

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ARTIST: FLEXO KOBAIN SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER London’s Flexo Kobain releases music at a very consistent rate, and one of his best drops as of late has been The Shapes Of Midnight, a three track EP that fuses lightweight plug beats with smooth, R&B-inflected singing. On ‘Just The Other Day Freestyle’, Flex floats over HennyHayz’ dreamy production with incredible finesse, dropping a […]

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Reading rapper Joey Magic titled his new single ‘Nostalgia’ for a reason, the song is a labyrinth of ideas best analysed when paying particular attention to his wistful, stream of consciousness writing style. This track is part diary entry, part advice column and part generational observation, but it all culminates in a warm, inviting single that speaks on growth, regret […]

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All of the content that I’ve heard so far from Canada’s Trrm, including the epic Ice Forest Rituals single ‘Ghost Eagle Kamikaze’, has been grimy, apocalyptic, and flawlessly produced, mixed, and mastered. Faced with the full tape, I’m immediately greeted with a more refined variant of that sound. ‘Ground Acidic’ continues Trrm’s obsession with dystopian imagery: ‘Thawed out my cryogenic […]

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Interview Season 2: pelo

A recent discovery, pelo deserves his shine as a producer, especially as he has so much insight on what it takes to be a dedicated maker of quality music. 1. How long have you been making beats for? Where do you draw inspiration when cooking up? ive been producing for about 3 & 1/2 years now, & most of […]