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Review #11: SeKwence – Budget Cuts 2

A mere three weeks after dropping DA HIGHED UP TAPE, SeKwence is back with another project. A sequel to 2017’s BUDGET CUTS with mega-producer Killer Kane, this tape continues the duo’s incredible chemistry with even more satisfying results. ‘Choppin’ Block’ kicks things off wonderfully, Sek skewers the murky beat with his barbed lyrics: ‘Man I swear to god they never […]

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Interview #34: ntvrme

Underrated Souless producer and maker of beautiful music ntvrme has been on my interview list for a while, so it’s good we finally did this. We talked about influences, favourite music and what’s next for his career. 1. You have a bunch of beautiful songs on Soundcloud, and now two on Spotify. Did you select those songs because they’re your […]

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Interview #33: Lil Disceased

SOUTHERNGAWDMOBB member Lil Disceased has been on my radar for a minute, I’m a big fan of his dark, abrasive approach to rapping. We linked on this interview to discuss his major influences, his upcoming work, and those he thinks are killing the game as hard as he is. 1. Your new joint ‘Trappin Out da Tombs’ over a Stevie […]

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Interview #32: BDB $uff

Souless producer $uff dropped one of 2018’s best projects back in February in BIMBO, and just last week dropped the HIGHED UP tape with SeKwence. It’s honestly crazy that we’ve just now linked up for an interview. We talked about his favourite productions, influences and upcoming music. 1. BIMBO is still in my top projects of the year, and HIGHED […]

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Interview #31: iloveyouoxxy! / 108MICS

iloveyouoxxy! is one of the dopest artists I’ve discovered through starting this blog. His hoarse yet melodic rasp, amazing ear for beats and extremely strong pen have made him a major star in the community and he’s only destined to go up. For our interview, oxxy suggested that he also ask me some questions and so it is my pleasure […]

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Review #10: SeKwence – Da HIGHED UP Tape

Alabama rap monster SeKwence and Florida master producer BDB Suff have been an immaculate hip hop duo in the past, teaming up for classic cuts like ‘BounceHouz’, ‘Pass That’. But while these songs were teaming with additional Souless rappers, on HIGHED UP the duo’s chemistry is largely a sole process. Indeed, this project sounds wildly different to any music either […]

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Interview #30: Self Explan

I was recently put onto Self Explan by our mutual Based Hoezer, and from checking him out I have come to appreciate his hard as bricks flow and dynamic approach to songwriting, here we chopped it up about his influences, his local scene and the music he has on the way. 1. Who or what would you say has influenced […]

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Interview #29: Rob Santana

An underrated Florida rapper who I was recently put on to by a mutual friend, Rob Santana brings that raw energy that the state is renowned for. I interviewed him about his recording process, his upcoming music and his goals for the future. 1. Your musical output is so far small, but it’s very consistent. What approach do you take […]

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Interview #28: HeartbreakJP

Palm Beach rapper Heartbreak JP has been one of my favourite musical discoveries of the last few months. A dope rapper with incredible flow and ear for melody, JP is destined for great things. Here, we talked about his most popular tracks, upcoming visuals and the best artists to come from his scene. 1. ‘WOA’ seems to be taking off […]

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Interview #27: Jack Kane

A phenomenally talented producer and rapper at only 16, Jack Kane has been on my radar for a minute and we ended up having some real great discussion of his diverse musical styles, upcoming projects and visuals and his connection with his local scene. 1. First off, I want to ask what inspired you to begin producing at such a […]

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Interview #26: Hand$ome With The Handgun

An insanely hard-working rapper, Handgun has not stopped his steady flow of recorded music since the release of his last project. In this interview, we discuss his release schedule, how he stays motivated to remain in the studio, and who his favourite collaborators have been so far. 1. You have kindly sent me a vast amount of music over the […]

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Interview #25: Big J

XL Cartel founding member and one of Florida’s most underrated talents, Big J is a great rapper with a focus on repping his personal brand and putting on for his county. We talked about his latest mixtape, his inspirations and other artists he feels deserve a spotlight. 1. The first thing I’d like to talk about is that new Bottom […]

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Interview #24: Psychodelic

An inspiring producer and DJ, an excellent writer, a man with greater musical knowledge that I could ever hope to attain, and an all round really great guy, Pyschodelic aka DJ Wild Wes is one of the most interesting people I’ve engaged with since starting this blog. Check out this interview where we discuss influence, the changing climate of hip-hop, […]

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Interview #23: sonnydopecat

A rapper that’s sure to be a star one day, sonnydopecat crams a diverse array of styles into his music, and stays true to his original collective. We spoke about the changing elements in his sound, the music he grew up on, and the kind of material he has been waiting to release. 1. Your style has changed massively from […]

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Interview #22: Stevie Durag

Horror Posse CEO and expert dark trap producer Stevie Durag is one of my current favourites making beats right now, and last month he dropped a full length project titled Evil Realm, which I loved. I was lucky enough to talk to him about that tape, the formation of his collective and his plans for the future. 1. First off, […]

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Interview #21: sameflannel

sameflannel has been on my interview radar for about a month now, ever since I discovered his excellent music and featured it in one of my playlists. He is an extremely hard worker, a supportive member of the rap community and and in general a really nice guy. I enjoyed chopping it up with him about what his music means […]