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Interview Season 2: Psychodelic Pt. 2

For our second interview, me and producer/DJ/writer/music encyclopedia Psychodelic caught up on what’s new for him, the way he sees this year going, and of course he came with a boatload of great music for you to check out. Enjoy the read! 1. Hey bro, good to catch up again. What have you been up to musically since our last […]

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Interview Season 2: Paul Ke11y

Paul Ke11y has been on my rap radar for a minute, he’s a huge personality yet also one that creates amazing music to back it. We chopped it up about a number of subjects and determined the direction his future music will take, what he thinks his best project is, and what inspires his creative mind. 1. You’ve been rapping […]

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ARTIST: LIL DISCEASED SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Having just blessed us with this surprise EP on his birthday, Lil Disceased has proven again that he’s one of the underground’s hardest workers. Opener ‘WHY DA WORLD SO FUCKED UP’ sets a bleak tone that’s maximised by aliengawd’s gloom-laden industrial nightmare. Lil Trvsh injects a little melody into the proceedings on ‘OFF DA […]

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Interview Season 2: Sol Faneto

UNDAWORLD rapper Sol recently put out his aptly titled UNDAWORLD SOULJAH tape, with beats and features from a ton of talented producers and rappers. He’s also a producer himself, and so it was essential I asked him about the forces that drove him to rap the way he does, the reasons he took his current moniker, and what we can […]

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Interview Season 2: Big Gucci Krow

The multi-talented Krow has been a close collaborator of some of my favourite artists for a minute thanks to his knack for gorgeous production and hefty, bruising delivery, and now that his first EP is out all signs point to him really making a mark in 2019. One of Souless’ finest and most underrated, don’t sleep on him when he […]

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ARTIST: SINISTERSCHUYLER SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM PRODUCER: LIL TRVSH SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Virginia rapper SINISTERSCHUYLER has made the first day of 2019 something special. His long-awaited SIMPLY SOUTHERN GAWTH is his first project in 11 months and an exhilarating step up for the SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member. Opener ‘POSSESSED’ is reminiscent of his BOLT exclusive ‘CREEPIN’ in its breakneck, frantic nature and dark […]

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Review #14: Lärs – TOKUGAWA

Merely a week after his Killer Kane produced tape F E R A L, Lärs is back with another set of dark, groovy songs. This time, its the prince of darkness himself Dr. Alien handling production. ‘Masamune’ kicks things off with some of Dots’ most nimble flows to date over a grinding, evil beat. The presence of a hook here […]

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Interview #52: SLYDAHMER

The final 108MICS interview of 2018 is with SLYDAHMER, a very talented rapper whose style has come on a long way from his beginnings. I view SLY as a perfectionist, as each new verse can be viewed as an advancement towards the rapper’s potential as an underground lyrical legend. Was very happy to do this with him, he’s one of […]

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Review #13: Lärs – F E R A L

ʟärs Margera, the rapper behind this year’s excellent (despite what he might say) project Pronounced With Regret, hasn’t kept his foot off the pedal since then. Melodic tracks like ‘SWEAT!’, eerie numbers like ‘GHOST!’ and quality two trackers with Souless’ finest (Suff, ntvrme, Isaac) have littered his colourful discography in the past few months, a sequence of songs that felt […]

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Interview #51: Lil Devil

Lil Devil is another bright star in the underground, a diverse artist whose new tape SLIME SCHOLARS proves that his musical ambitions are wider now than they ever have been. Enjoy this interview! 1. Where are you from, and what other artists in your area are doing it big for the underground right now? The bay area, San Francisco, the […]

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SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member SINISTERSCHUYLER is another great rapper making dark, oppressive hip-hop. Using crushing production as his tool, SCHUYLER unleashes dope track after dope track and is one of the most exciting artists doing his style. 1. Where are you from? And what’s the underground scene like around there? I’m from Lynchburg , VA. Tbh the scene here is completely dead. […]

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Interview #49: sixcellphones Pt. 2

For my first interview with Jake, follow this link! 1. Hey bro, good to do this again! Firstly I want to ask you about what you’ve been up to in the three months since our last interview, what would you say is the achievement you’re most proud of? I know you linking with Awake NY must have been pretty cool. […]

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Interview #48: Lil Shies

Lil Shies is a New York rapper with a deep history of exploring hip-hop’s diverse corners and applying them to his own, excellent music. His recent releases have all topped one another, and due to his natural talent and ability to make industry connections he has created a quality brand for himself. Watch out for more from Shies very soon. […]

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Interview #47: ICXXY

UNDA rapper/producer ICXXY is making waves in the scene at the moment, his work with BMB DEATHROW in particular placing him in the upper echelon. In this interview, we discussed his influences, his motivation to make music, and the stuff he has planned in the very near future. 1. The first track I ever heard from you was ‘Pain’, which […]

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Interview #46: Reuben Stratum

Palm Beach native Reuben Stratum is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer whose so far excellent discography helps him stand out from the crowd. In this interview, we discussed the beginnings of his sound, where he aims to go next, and his general plans for the future. 1. Your most recent song, Either Way, is a crazy piece of music, […]

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Interview #45: Lil Trvsh

Houston producer Lil Trvsh is another extremely talented SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member whose flair for oppressive beats has kept him on my radar for a minute. He filled me in about his favourite artists to work with, his future plans and the moods he tries to create with his music. 1. Would you consider yourself a rapper or producer primarily? Your voice […]