ARTIST: SINISTERSCHUYLER SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM PRODUCER: LIL TRVSH SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Virginia rapper SINISTERSCHUYLER has made the first day of 2019 something special. His long-awaited SIMPLY SOUTHERN GAWTH is his first project in 11 months and an exhilarating step up for the SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member. Opener ‘POSSESSED’ is reminiscent of his BOLT exclusive ‘CREEPIN’ in its … Continue reading 2K19 REVIEWED: SINISTERSCHUYLER – SIMPLY SOUTHERN GAWTH

Interview #48: Lil Shies

Lil Shies is a New York rapper with a deep history of exploring hip-hop’s diverse corners and applying them to his own, excellent music. His recent releases have all topped one another, and due to his natural talent and ability to make industry connections he has created a quality brand for himself. Watch out for … Continue reading Interview #48: Lil Shies