Interview #48: Lil Shies

Lil Shies is a New York rapper with a deep history of exploring hip-hop’s diverse corners and applying them to his own, excellent music. His recent releases have all topped one another, and due to his natural talent and ability to make industry connections he has created a quality brand for himself. Watch out for … Continue reading Interview #48: Lil Shies

Interview #45: Lil Trvsh

Houston producer Lil Trvsh is another extremely talented SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member whose flair for oppressive beats has kept him on my radar for a minute. He filled me in about his favourite artists to work with, his future plans and the moods he tries to create with his music. 1. Would you consider yourself a rapper … Continue reading Interview #45: Lil Trvsh

Interview #43: donn¥

New Jersey’s donn¥ is an artist whose tangibly weird music is shamefully slept on. In this interview, we discussed the different sounds he’s put together over the past year or so, his favourite collabs, and the stuff he has planned for the next stage of his career. 1. I honestly feel like people sleep on … Continue reading Interview #43: donn¥