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Interview #19: sixcellphones

I’ve been a fan of Jake’s art for a minute now, and I quickly realised he was the perfect fit for my first non-musical interviewee. His pieces are phenomenal and I can tell he is dedicated to his craft. He’s also a real real nice guy! Enjoy this interview and support his work, which I’ll link at the bottom. 1. […]

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Interview #18: Cambank$

A rapper I recently discovered from interviewing and enjoying the music of other artists, Cam was a great find to me as his recently released project R U Still Down? is amongst the most fully realised I’ve heard this year. I was eager to interview him about his creative processes, inspirations and plans for the future, and I think it […]

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Interview #17: Real Deal

Real Deal followed me not long ago, and I immediately found a lot to enjoy in his catalogue. He’s a passionate young dude with a promising future, I’m glad we got to chop it up. 1. ‘Friday Tha 13th’ was the first song I heard from you, it’s a killer joint that plays of eerie vibes for a huge, spectral […]

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Interview #16: LZA

BMB Deathrow member LZA is one of my favourite rappers whose music is starting to pop off, he has a unique flow and an ability to sound great over a litany of beats. He’s also one of the most entertaining people I follow on Twitter. We spoke about his changing styles and monikers, how life had changed for him due […]

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Review #7: Barry Marrow – Kill Barry 2

A technically proficient yet emotionally potent rapper, Barry Marrow is one of those rappers who I’ve been enjoying for a while now, and have been waiting on to release a truly definitive work. His features throughout the Souless catalogue, as well as his previous projects (including the first volume of this predominantly Killer Kane produced series) have all displayed Barry’s […]

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Interview #15: Dari Loso

Rapper/producer/blogger/creative/innovator Dari Loso is someone I’ve been very interested in interviewing for a while. I had a lot to ask him, but luckily the interview came out great as he’s a genuine dude with a lot to say about the underground, his career and influence, and what living in Seattle is like in 2018. 1. Firstly, thanks for agreeing to […]

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Review #6: BIGLARRY – Bitter End

In the month or so since my interview with Larry, I’ve been stupidly excited for his new project Bitter End. Clocking in at a mere fourteen minutes, the rapper’s latest is his most accomplished offering to date, a whirlwind run through the various branches of his talent: as a lyricist, as a multi-faceted spitter, and as an assembler of a […]

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Interview #14: LOVEKILL

I’ve been following Joel for a while on Twitter, he’s a good guy with some serious talent as a producer. We had a great conversation about his musical inspiration, his creative process and his love of film. 1. You dropped a project, to kill love, in March this year. Was the creative process behind these songs, which have a less […]

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Interview #13: ThugYeezy

A phenomenal rapper whose fantastic guest verses attracted me to his music, ThugYeezy is also one of the most genuine people I’ve interacted with on the Internet, and a real sick dude. He hasn’t got much stuff out yet but hit up his Soundcloud to peep his features and join me on my wait for his debut project, dropping some […]

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Interview #12: Killer Kane

One of the dopest producers in the collective Souless, Killer Kane is an amazing producer who can seemingly adopt to any style. He kindly let me shoot him some questions and it turned out great. 1. Want to say first of all that I love Budget Cuts, and I feel every day that it goes unappreciated as one of both […]

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Review #5: SeKwence – THIS SHIT IS FUCKED

SeKwence’s last project FULGORE cemented my impressions of him as an extremely hard working individual, a ludicrously talented MC, and above all someone who could piece together an extremely cohesive, consistent project. THIS SHIT IS FUCKED is the vehement, more viscous older brother of that album’s moody soundscapes, commencing with the fantastic posse cut ‘AITE THEN’ that recruits Cam Banks, […]

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Interview #11: $moke

Me and $moke have been following each other for a bit now, so this hook up was inevitable. He had some good answers to my questions concerning his music, his plans for the future, and his opinions on streaming services. 1. Your music can be some straight grimey, nasty shit. What inspires these eerie, horror-esque vibes? Horror and dark fantasy […]

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Interview #10: BIGLARRY

I’ve wanted to interview this dude for a while, as I feel he’s one of the most underrated Souless members and a seriously great rapper. Was great shoot him some questions, he’s a real genuine dude. Shout out Larry for keeping it real as hell. 1. There’s not a lot of music on your Soundcloud but I fuck with the […]

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Interview #9: Lärs

I recently reviewed Lärs’ Pronounced With Regret, a killer instalment in the rapper’s excellent discography. In the aftermath of this, he kindly let me shoot him some questions about his music, his other outlets, and his plans for the future. I think this one came out even better than usual. 1. First off I want to say how dope the […]

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Review #4: Lärs – Pronounced with Regret

Lärs is one of my favourite Souless members and by far their most versatile MC, so I’ve been delving into his back catalogue as of late in order to get to grips with his very consistent catalogue. Pronounced With Regret, his latest, entirely revenxnt-produced album, is brimming with the beautiful, rainy day jazz vibes that the latter is so well […]

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Interview #8: Pie$

As a member of XL Cartel, Pie$ and his beats have been on my radar for a while now. He has done excellent work as a producer on other artist’s projects, but his talent for making deranged-sounding music extends to his quality beat catalogue on his Soundcloud as well. He kindly answered some questions for me about where this creativity […]