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Cam Kron has has an excellent 2019. His primary output included a solo project (Feels Like June) as well as a collaborative venture with fellow $econd Nature artist VCiDHiGH. He also made multiple appearances on the collective’s first full release Drip Or Be Dropped, and contributed guest vocals to solo efforts from each member. He recently performed as an opening […]

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ARTIST: YVNG WAV SOUNDCLOUD Yvng Wav approaches music from a place of love, that much is undeniable. The description for this project on Soundcloud describes that it ‘Chronicles the use and abuse of sex, drugs and violence as coping mechanisms’, and the first song ‘Dead.’; the refrain of which speaks of ‘numbing all pain that we feeling’; features lyrics pertaining […]

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ARTIST: B-L1FE TWITTER A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, B-1FE has demonstrated this many times over the course of his so far pretty short career. Those new to the man’s music should start with the S1NS project, it’s a well-rounded set of tracks that features homage-riddled tributes (‘Since We Lost Tupac‘), nocturnal party trap (‘Saucy With My Woes’), and fairly […]

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Interview Season 2: Cyrus Krow

A master of brutalising flows and saturated melodies, Cyrus Krow is a very recent discovery for 108MICS whose music I’m enjoying the hell out of right about now. Enjoy the interview and tune in to his stuff! 1. Where does the name Cyrus Krow come from? Before I was louie cynical. Cyrus Crow was my darkest side I created to […]

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When it comes to representing the underground, few have the vision that FH possesses. Their latest playlist series FRESH OUT DA WEEK updates frequently, incorporating only the latest and best in the scene right now. There’s plenty of names recognisable to anyone truly keeping in tune with the sounds of contemporary hip-hop (Lil Xelly, Thaiboy Digital, Zae FDN), as well […]

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ARTIST: C-SIDE THA MIRACLE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Anxiety, Salem rapper C-Side Tha Miracle’s latest collaboration with Boston producer Suspicious Persons, feels like a significant evolution of his existing style. In past releases, C-Side has employed impressive songwriting and accomplished much with his passionate, emotionally potent flows, but as he links with Suspicious the sound becomes all the more intense. This is […]

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ARTIST: LIL SHIES SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER For New York rapper Lil Shies, Ridin Round Town Vol. 1 represents a significant stylistic evolution. Spearheaded by single ‘Benz’, the six track, entirely Godmode-produced tape sees Shies delivering smoother, more melodic rap music. His vocals smattered in autotune, the MC quickly establishes this sound on ‘What It Is’, one of the coolest, most expertly […]

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XHRIS2EAZY has been investing himself in the most interesting sounds of the underground for a minute now, hopping on beats by Hi-C, ICXXY and even dropping a DJ Slur mix to one of his songs. His newest joint ‘Russian Cream’ lacks high-profile producer credits, but its dreamy plug sound is amongst the most luxurious shit that the NYC rapper has […]

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ARTIST: ACID SOULJAH SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Houston rapper Acid Souljah has been steadily updating me on the progress of his new tape BasedBoyBillionaire for some months now, with three singles (the abrasive ‘I Can’t Keep Track’, the rugged ‘25i’ and the venomous ‘BasedBoySouljahs’ with Xhris2Eazy) offering glimpses into the tape’s layered, cybernetic production. Such a sound is key to the success […]

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ARTIST: CHEW SOUNDCLOUD I’ve reviewed Chew’s music before, when I reviewed Drip Or Dropped, the project released by his collective $econd Nature earlier this year. There, I complimented the rapper’s demented, grimy flow and eerie, synth-laden production. He’s just as strong as a solo artist, and on his latest project Nu Life he’s amped all of these existing qualities to […]

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Interview Season 2: Young Jade

UK rapper/producer Young Jade is a man of many talents, crossing genre limitations as often as he adheres to them. He’s been kiling it production-wise lately, and I’m confident that he’ll continue to drop his best work to date over the next few months. 1. You’ve recently focused on producing, and you just dropped the Fusion Deluxe beat tape under […]

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ARTIST: FLEXO KOBAIN SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Released Halloween last year, Money First is one of Flexo’s hardest and most underrated projects. Bristling with a kinetic energy, the EP is a rollicking ride through the strongest aspects of the rapper’s sound. ‘Money First, Man Down’ sees Flexo employ a buzzing, robotic delivery, while ‘Friday 13th’ takes the plug sound in a tougher […]

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Interview Season 2: Ace McCain

Underground mogul Ace McCain is a real pioneer of self-made business, assisting with management, promotion and career-building. 1. For those who don’t know who you are, how would you best describe your presence in the underground community? I’m Cain the networking god the Moses of the underground I lead the way and show the way from the underdogs to Indy’s […]

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drinkbleachh has a discography rife with melancholy, but even by the Canadian rapper/singer’s standards his newest drop ‘Losing Sight’ feels extremely cold, distant and emotionally disconnected. The song’s slurred murmurs remain smooth and gentle and, despite the hard to decipher lyrics, cascade gracefully over acoustic strums and electric wails. A brief rap/spoken word segment acts as the eye of the […]

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Interview Season 2: YVNG $TEVE

MGR’s secret weapon, YVNG $TEVE makes vicious, contorted and hallucinogenic rap music. 1. How long have you been rapping and when was it that you connected with the other members of MGR? I’ve been rapping for about 4, 5 years or so idk lmao. I recently connected with MGR about a month ago. I have been fuckin with MGR for […]

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Interview Season 2: nurture

Dreamside producer Nurture makes dense, melodic music that pursues some of the most atmospheric sounds that the underground has to offer. 1. You frequently post beats both mixed and unmixed on Soundcloud. How often do you cook up and how much music do you have in the stash? I don’t make beats as much as I’d like to as of […]