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Back with a new visual drop, Jah-Monte has once again delivered a dope video for one of his past works, in this case ‘Callis Oval (Auntie Erica House)’. Like his previous explorations into visual delivery, his latest effort focuses heavily on the rapper’s self-proclaimed (though undoubtedly deserved) status as the ‘Best Rapper In Charlotte’ by immediately displaying his now trademark […]

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Interview Season 2: 4jay

Rapper/producer/DJ 4jay is one of the underground’s most important figures, making beats not only for himself but litany of up and coming artists practicing the dark UNDAWORLD style. He should be one of the most sought after beatmakers full stop, in my opinion. Enjoy this eye-opening interview and stream his music. 1. Your most recent project FUCK OFF: DA MIXTAPE […]

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Interview Season 2: Radez

UNDA member Radez is one of the nicest rappers in the whole posse, a technical and bludgeoning artist with a great ear for beats. We talked about his recent music, what’s coming next, and his thoughts on the industry as a whole. 1. How long have you been in UNDAWORLD? Few people rep it as hard as you do, in […]

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Interview Season 2: Casanovx

A highly underrated rapper making hard music in a similar vein to his brother LZA but featuring his own unique twist, Casanovx is due to release his next project very soon and he’s going to make a lot of noise in the underground this year. 1. I was surprised to find out you were LZA’s brother, I think that’s dope […]

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ARTISTS: LO$TBOY$YNDICATE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Carolina hip-hop collective LO$TBOY$YNDICATE are undeniably a fascinating collective. A four piece whose approach to rapping is heavily inspired by the exuberant, fun-loving sound of late 80’s/90’s groups like De La Soul and The Pharcyde, LO$TBOY$ have crafted a discography undeniably worthy of attention. From the dense, hazy material on Doinks n’ Dumplins to the […]

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Interview Season 2: Dr. Alien

An elite producer working with some big names in the underground, Dr. Alien has really set himself apart from his contemporaries with a consistently dark, oppressive approach to production. His grasp of melody is astounding, and based on what I’ve heard from him over the last few months I’d confidently say he could tackle almost any style. I say this […]

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ARTIST: SEKWENCE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM SeKwence’s fifth project in under twelve months and his debut album proper, WONDER IF HELL HAS A BUFFET is, somehow, also his greatest to date. The array of production feels like a beautiful amalgam of the beatmakers who’ve aided him throughout his career, ranging from Budget Cuts 2 mastermind Killer Kane to the legend Thelonious […]

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Interview Season 2: D. Lanham

An artist in every sense of the word, D. Lanham has over two decades in the music business and is an immense talent. He’s a singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, and a really great guy who I’m very lucky to know. Enjoy the interview! 1. Hey bro, great to finally get this interview done. Firstly, I want to ask how long […]

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ARTIST: JAH-MONTE BANDCAMP TWITTER INSTAGRAM Jewelry Rap is a product of two things: it’s definitely the result of a talented MC’s love and appreciation for hip-hop and all things to do with it, and it’s indisputably the culmination of amazing chemistry between the rapper Jah-Monte and the producer Lavonte Hines aka FLLS. The eight new collaborations the duo lay down […]

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Interview Season 2: Wavami

Wavami is a crazy diverse rapper who over the last two years has built up a solid discography full of ethereal bangers and dreamy monologues. I’ve hosted his music many times, and built a relationship strong enough for me to say he’s a really great, genuine guy with a real love for music. 1. How long have you been making […]

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Ohio rapper Jah-Monte is offering us a wholly new concept with a new drop that acts as a visualisation of the powerful two part track ‘Best Rapper In Charlotte Pt. 5’ from earlier in the year. The song is still just as smooth instrumentally as it was when it dropped back in March, and the chilled, tense video that now […]

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ARTIST: ICXXY SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM New York rapper ICXXY had an amazing 2018, dropping three instalments of his MYSTIC PIMP series that saw him tackling IAMPISSED and Loko Los production with unmatched ferocity. The spirit of the underground really flows through the young rapper, and with his latest offering FRXXXM THXXX CXXXLD it once again manifests in the murky majesty […]

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Interview Season 2: SeKwence Pt. 2

If you follow me on any social media and don’t know who this guy is, I’m definitely doing something wrong. One of the first people to ever show me love, and one of the best rappers doing his thing right now, SeKwence is destined for many amazing things in life if he keeps up his extraordinarily excellent output. Was a […]

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Interview Season 2: Psychodelic Pt. 2

For our second interview, me and producer/DJ/writer/music encyclopedia Psychodelic caught up on what’s new for him, the way he sees this year going, and of course he came with a boatload of great music for you to check out. Enjoy the read! 1. Hey bro, good to catch up again. What have you been up to musically since our last […]

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Interview Season 2: Paul Ke11y

Paul Ke11y has been on my rap radar for a minute, he’s a huge personality yet also one that creates amazing music to back it. We chopped it up about a number of subjects and determined the direction his future music will take, what he thinks his best project is, and what inspires his creative mind. 1. You’ve been rapping […]

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ARTIST: LIL DISCEASED SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER INSTAGRAM Having just blessed us with this surprise EP on his birthday, Lil Disceased has proven again that he’s one of the underground’s hardest workers. Opener ‘WHY DA WORLD SO FUCKED UP’ sets a bleak tone that’s maximised by aliengawd’s gloom-laden industrial nightmare. Lil Trvsh injects a little melody into the proceedings on ‘OFF DA […]