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Interview Season 2: Wavy Money Records

NY rapper/producer W$R is a proven champion of various underground hip-hop sub-genres, his musical excellence has been boundless across his various quality releases. Despite all this, I didn’t know much about the man himself and so this interview was an interesting insight. 1. You’re from New York, were you heavily inspired by the rappers your city has birthed while coming […]

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Interview Season 2: Loko Los

Dark trap king Loko Los needs absolutely no introduction. His work has shaped and inspired entire swathes of the underground over the last 3-4 years, and I have no doubt that it will continue to do so for a long time to come. 1. When did you first start producing? I started producing in middle school. Somewhere between 2004-2005 2. […]

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Canada’s Trrm is a master of building atmosphere. xisrupt’s beat at first sounds like gentle snowfall, but a heavier, bleaker blizzard soon careens into view, threatening to suffocate the helpless vocal cries buried in the mix. Trrm’s vocals however are anything but subtle, his bruising raps speaking chilling omens of death, pain and isolation. Lyrics like ‘Iceman thawed out, they […]

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ARTIST: RICKYLAGOON SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM Seattle rapper RickyLaGoon is a veteran of the true sound of the underground: sinister, gruff-voiced coated in a layer of grime and filth. His latest offering, titled Scripted Opus, $ounds Of Suffering, compiles some previously released material alongside new material to make for a satisfying collection of the rapper’s music. As the name implies, this ten […]

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ARTIST: LIL PERM SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM Lil Perm’s hard-partying pimp persona goes a long way towards making his music more appealing, but I firmly believe that his talent stands for itself. His new project Top Celebrity is seeped in a glossy pop aesthetic, and all the tracks held within are sped and chopped up to reflect this zany atmosphere. Opener ‘95’ […]

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Interview Season 2: ITSREAPERX

Influenced by the sounds of alternative rock as much as hip-hop, ITSREAPERX is a talented singer, songwriter and producer. 1. Your new project 1996 – Feels Blue is pretty cool stuff. What inspired its creation? Thanks haha. Honestly, what inspired its creation was not too much. Like I am a very visual person and if I have an idea of […]

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ARTIST: FENDI BENJI SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Making convincing trap music can be difficult, but Fendi Benji has it in the bag. On his self-titled project, the artist proves his worth as both a rapper and songwriter. Songs like ‘Jack’ stick to the most basic of formulas, but this doesn’t inhibit the potency of his rapping. Clearly, Benji is a student of […]

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Interview Season 2: Soulja Los

Houston producer/rapper Soulja Los has cropped up on many of the last two year’s best underground rap releases, he’s long in need of his credit as one of his state’s finest artists. 1. Alright mate! This is such a long overdue interview lmao. Firstly, I want to ask how you are and how life if in Houston? Is there still […]

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ARTIST: BANDITSKULLY SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER BanditSkully has been staying in touch with me for a while, keeping me updated on the music that he’s been making. This cycle of creation has culminated in the EP Bad Luck, which proves above all that Skully is an immensely capable rapper who can tackle various beat styles with ease. ‘No Features’ transforms an indistinct […]

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London rapper virgil Hawkins has benefited from a frequent, high-quality output and his new musical/visual offering ‘Risk’ is no different. Posted in various locations alongside collaborator/producer Aubrey Trnql, the rapper is often superimposed across the concrete skyline, appearing larger than life and matching the star quality of the music on display. Hawkins is one of his collective 237’s most dynamic […]

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Interview Season 2: WHOISJACOL6Y

Undaworld rapper/producer Jacol6y is one of the underground’s rising stars. His music is dark, raw and formed from the mind of a creative perfectionist. 1. You were at first just a producer, and you recently started rapping, is that correct? Incorrect, i’ve been rapping since 2016. i dropped a tape before going to boot camp but once i got back […]

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ARTIST: STONE SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER ‘Sunfall 7‘ is one of SToNE’s longest, most tangibly psychedelic offering to date, his approach to making music has never been this lucid and insane before. Although his discography is a far cry from mundane, this track renders many of his other offerings tame in comparison, such is the slurred, demented ambition of ‘Sunfall’. Sounding as […]

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ARTIST: LIL GOHAN SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Back with a fresh EP, Lil Gohan is once again bringing the brand of soulful, new age R&B addled with the various bells and whistles that come with being an autotuned Soundcloud star. Track 1 is ‘unrequited’, which builds off submerged, 40-esque sampling and layers them with voracious drums courtesy of Eem Triplin. The song’s […]

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Interview Season 2: Venom Pimp

One of the most evil-sounding rappers making music right now, Darth Mob member Venom Pimp is also a skilled producer, and is about to make a huge impact on the game in the coming months. 1. When did you first start making music? I started makin music back when I was in high school around sophomore year, at the time […]

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Interview Season 2: Zepeda

The Super 6 Club producer, established rapper, and melodic genius, Zepeda is in an echelon of his own when it comes to his artistry. It was a pleasure to talk to him about some of his favourite creations, the collaborations he’s done, and when we can expect new material from him. 1. Great to talk to you man, I’ve been […]

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ARTIST: YOUNG KAOS SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER Charlotte rapper Young Kaos has been in the game for a minute now, his Soundcloud discography stretching back a good four years, at which point the R&B-flavoured ‘On Me’ can be found. This song utilises a dope hook sung with appropriately lustful lyrics as well as fast-paced, flurried rapping for an excellent melodic hip-hop piece […]