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Interview #46: Reuben Stratum

Palm Beach native Reuben Stratum is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer whose so far excellent discography helps him stand out from the crowd. In this interview, we discussed the beginnings of his sound, where he aims to go next, and his general plans for the future. 1. Your most recent song, Either Way, is a crazy piece of music, […]

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Interview #45: Lil Trvsh

Houston producer Lil Trvsh is another extremely talented SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member whose flair for oppressive beats has kept him on my radar for a minute. He filled me in about his favourite artists to work with, his future plans and the moods he tries to create with his music. 1. Would you consider yourself a rapper or producer primarily? Your voice […]

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Interview #44: Liquid Snake

Liquid Snake is a consistently great artist that I’ve followed for some time. His skills in both rapping and songwriting have carried him a long way, and I hope everybody who reads this discovers something they find appealing about his music. 1. Every new drop from you is something different. ‘Jaded’ is smooth as fuck and a real nice, chill […]

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Interview #43: donn¥

New Jersey’s donn¥ is an artist whose tangibly weird music is shamefully slept on. In this interview, we discussed the different sounds he’s put together over the past year or so, his favourite collabs, and the stuff he has planned for the next stage of his career. 1. I honestly feel like people sleep on you so hard, you have […]

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Review #12: manwithXface – 256/334

manwithXface is one hell of a producer. Capable of pulling together swathes of talented rappers for legendary posse cuts, his best chemistry remains alongside fellow Alabama native SeKwence. The two have worked together on excellent songs like ‘Red Pill’, ‘Huffy Bike’ and ‘Dream Eater’ as well as ‘Dxngeon’ from FULGORE and ‘AITE THEN’ from TSIF, so this EP, which dropped […]

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Interview #42: Dock hELLIsh

New Jersey’s Dock hELLIsh is a talented rapper and producer with a great ear for beats and collaboration. In this interview, we discuss the beginnings of his career, his favourite collaborators, and the methods he used to establish his career. 1. How long have you been making music for? Did you rap or produce first? Ive been rapping since I […]

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Interview #41: DeeJay

DeeJay, deejay or DJ, makes some wonderful music. His beautiful collages are essential listening and his latest drop can be heard in full on his Soundcloud. Enjoy the interview and if you like his stuff, go cop something! 1. You just dropped a new project, Revitalized 0.5. It’s a collection of beautiful instrumentals, plus one dope collab with SeKwence. Can […]

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Interview #40: SCREW MANE FLAME

BMB super-producer SCREW MANE FLAME might just be one of the nastiest producers ever. His lush yet undeniably grimey beats are truly unique, making him ideal for 108MICS’ ethos. Enjoy this interview, where we discuss his past work, his upcoming collaborations, and the reason he started making beats (and rapping) in the first place. 1. When I think of that […]

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Interview #39: Deceased

A producer that focuses his craft on creating beautiful melodies, Deceased is an up and comer responsible for making one of the year’s best beats and for consistently displaying his production talents through a series of gorgeous instrumental joints. We talked about influence, dream collaborations and upcoming releases. 1. I first got put on to you through your production on […]

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Interview #38: Lil Drank

Master of melody Lil Drank has been doing his thing in the scene for a minute with a series of dope singles and a nice EP with BROKE CHIC. His fanbase took a major hit when he unexplained suspension forced him to change Twitter accounts, so if you’re reading this and fuck with his music its extra important you drop […]

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Interview #37: Isaac LaRue

Souless and NICE TAPES member Isaac is capable more than anyone else in his league of producing emotive, challenging music that works impressively both instrumentally and with the former collective’s array of dope rappers. We talked about the beginnings of his production career, the music that he’s most proud of making, and the stuff he has waiting to be released. […]

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Interview #36: revenxnt

Easily one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardest-working producers I’ve come across in my time running this blog, revenxnt’s enormous knowledge of the genres he adores makes every production he commits to a flawless piece of music. Between executive production and beat tapes, as well as collaborations with the likes of Da$h and Grimm Doza, revenxnt is well on […]

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Interview #35: yeoj

A UVCBLOODREALM producer and a master of uber-melodic production, Yeoj put together his first tape earlier this year. After proving that his beats can suit a wide variety of styles and flows, he is doubtless in the running for bigger and better placements as the years go by. We talked about his upcoming tape, his inspirations, and what else he […]

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Review #11: SeKwence – Budget Cuts 2

A mere three weeks after dropping DA HIGHED UP TAPE, SeKwence is back with another project. A sequel to 2017’s BUDGET CUTS with mega-producer Killer Kane, this tape continues the duo’s incredible chemistry with even more satisfying results. ‘Choppin’ Block’ kicks things off wonderfully, Sek skewers the murky beat with his barbed lyrics: ‘Man I swear to god they never […]

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Interview #34: ntvrme

Underrated Souless producer and maker of beautiful music ntvrme has been on my interview list for a while, so it’s good we finally did this. We talked about influences, favourite music and what’s next for his career. 1. You have a bunch of beautiful songs on Soundcloud, and now two on Spotify. Did you select those songs because they’re your […]

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Interview #33: Lil Disceased

SOUTHERNGAWDMOBB member Lil Disceased has been on my radar for a minute, I’m a big fan of his dark, abrasive approach to rapping. We linked on this interview to discuss his major influences, his upcoming work, and those he thinks are killing the game as hard as he is. 1. Your new joint ‘Trappin Out da Tombs’ over a Stevie […]