Lärs is one of my favourite Souless members and by far their most versatile MC, so I’ve been delving into his back catalogue as of late in order to get to grips with his very consistent catalogue. Pronounced With Regret, his latest, entirely revenxnt-produced album, is brimming with the beautiful, rainy day jazz vibes that the latter is so well known for married to the raw delivery that Lärs brings to every song he touches. Clocking in at just past 25 minutes, this 15 track project flows with an undeniable seamlessness, yet the bite-sized track lengths makes each individual song as enticing a listen outside of the record’s larger concept.

The most impressive thing about Lärs’ delivery here is how comfortable he sounds rapping about a range of subjects. Previously released ‘shadowboxin w/ the sun’ covers loneliness, isolation and addiction in an under 2 minute run time. ‘Have you ever seen a zombie in a Porsche?’ he implores, painting himself as as dead-eyed and empty as his hardened, monotone raps imply. The beat is one of my favourite revenxnt creations to date, a wonderful slice of jazz-hop that pulls as much from contemporary ideals of the genre as it does weirdo, lo-fi bedroom rap.‘Dodgin Raindrops’ is by contrast a massive banger, a hook up with Barry Marrow over more visceral drum patterns. Marrow smashes his two verses on this album, reinforcing the effectiveness of collaborative within the Souless camp. ‘Vendetta’ with SeKwence is another killer joint of this nature, an eerie beat featuring the two decking it out in frantic bursts of lyrical proficiency. ‘Take it down to hell where I’m comfortable, always accountable. She jaw fuck her face and break her mandible in different places’. This song sounds like a descent into madness and depravity.

On ‘HUNGERGAME$’, Lärs raps like a man possessed. Many of his greatest performances come on extremely short tracks like these, and based on savage, dog-off-the-chain bars like opening line ‘Welcome to the stan age, imma let you bitch n***** run my fan page’ it appears this theme has continued on Pronounced. The lyrical peak of this record however is ‘MARLO’. A triumvirate of fantastic rappers tackle the track Lärs himself as well as Adonis and ThugYeezy. ‘Couple roaches in our place. She said she don’t wanna scrub but she feenin off a face-time to relocate, the great escape’, ‘I carry metal for the devils that raise the treble, the bass pour water over your kettle, I never settle’ and ‘Give every n***** in your posse a gig, I’m poppin’ for real, half of you n***** should be walking in heels’ are my favourite bars from each rapper. The additional production work by Uncavelli makes the song more eerie and animated than any other joint here.

The second half of the record has many more highlights, the beautiful little soliloquy found in ‘THELONY’, Big Larry’s monstrous ‘kontempt’ verse and the whole of ‘RICO FREESTYLE’ (a perfectly morose ending to the project). Pronounced works amazingly well as an overarching piece, reinforcing my understanding that Lärs is nothing short of a fantastic rapper in the right sonic environment. This was a great addition to his ever expanding discography.

Stream the album on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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