Souless producer $uff dropped one of 2018’s best projects back in February in BIMBO, and just last week dropped the HIGHED UP tape with SeKwence. It’s honestly crazy that we’ve just now linked up for an interview. We talked about his favourite productions, influences and upcoming music.

1. BIMBO is still in my top projects of the year, and HIGHED UP was just as dope. What’s next for you musically?

Working with the rest of Souless, me and Yung Bull’s tape, me and Ruci’s project. Really a lot of things in motion.

2. I really fucked with what you did on ‘Pass That’ with noface, that shit was crazy and I wish you’d had more beats on Prefix. You got any intended for the second comp?

Preesh bruh, at the moment I don’t have any beats for the comp on some perfectionist shit but imma get some fye on there most definitely.

3. What do you think the best beat you’ve made is? I’d personally go for ‘BounceHouz’.

The best one probably isn’t out lol but personal my favs are Live at the BBQ, Denim, DBLMLY, Giselle and Getaway Driver.

4. Who is your favourite rapper to collaborate with? I think you have amazing chemistry with Dots and Sek particularly.

Sekwence, Lars and Yung Bull mainly. I wanna work with everybody on some full length shit too though.

5. Who are your main production influences? Pharrell & Tyler would be my first assumptions but I’m sure there’s many, many others.

Pharrell, Tyler, Dilla, Chuck Inglish, Earl, Zaytoven, Left Brain, Wheezy, Flylo, old jazz in general.

6. Are you interested in working with any other producers in the future? Anything we should be looking out for?

if it ain souless nah honestly and I don’t have anything dropping specifically soon but my next offical tape is being worked on.

7. What does BDB stand for? I may have asked you this before but I can’t remember?

Hehehehe its top secret, just know it can mean anything.

8. What do you get up to aside from making music? I know you’re from Florida so I’m starting to get a picture of what it’s like there.

I’m actually from Georgia lol but i’m usually at work or looking for other ways to get money.

9. Thanks very much for this bro, hard to believe it’s taken this long for me to send you something. Any shout outs you want to give to wrap up?

S/o Souless, BDB,`SamIlly, K-High, Cap, cute bitches and s/o 108mics for this goddamn opportunity.

Listen to $uff on Soundcloud. Follow him on Soundcloud at @AyeSeth.

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